Make Mother's Day Delicious for a Homebound Senior Mom

For the third year in a row, the Meals on Wheels Association of America (MOWAA) is celebrating Mother's Day with the Meals for Moms campaign, an effort to make sure no senior women go hungry on Mother's Day—or any time of year. According to MOWAA, 60 percent of seniors facing hunger are women, and that gender gap is growing each year. The Meals for Moms campaign aims to reverse that trend by providing an opportunity to honor the women who raised each of us by helping feed hungry senior women around the country....more
What a neat, neat article. Just love the sentiment and concern. I definitely believe in the ...more

Tote Bags with a (re)Purpose - Support Your Neighbors One Bag at a Time

Got Bag?I know, I know. You have a lot of bags - tote bags. Conferences, special events, gifts, the little backpacks from the 5Ks you used to run, the extra bags you buy when you forget your "regular" tote bags at the grocery store, and more....more


How much money will be spent on political ads? Collectively how much money will the Republican hopefuls spend in their attempt to be the candidate facing off against President Obama? And how much money will the Democrats spend in their attempt to thwart the Republicans?How much money will a baseball team spend to get the ultimate slugger? And what will a pitcher's arm be worth to the team seeking to win it all? ...more

So What if You Really Did Win the Publisher's Clearinghouse $10 Million Prize?

I'm sure you've thought about it a time or two. What it would be like to win one of the big prizes -- more money than you could ever imagine. ...more
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Feeding the Minds of Students: Federally Funded School Lunch Programs & Kids’ Nutrition

Haunting Stories When I set my brain free and allow it to roam around in the dark spaces of m...more


Anyone can count the seeds in an apple, but only God can count the number of apples in a seed.” - Robert H. Schuller...more

I am Relationship.

 'I don't think we should date anymore'. Stop. I want you to stop and think for a moment about your first break-up. Who knows how long you were in that dark place or if you're even out. I thought I was far from the days of listening to 'Tears on my Pillow', myself. So, I'm 28 and dating. If you're older you're probably thinking, 'You still have time' and if you're younger you'd start off with, 'You're not that old, you still have time'. My first break-up (gulp) I found out that my boyfriend was dating another woman on Myspace....more

Getting Kids Addicted to Giving

Drives me bonkers when people talk talk talk about giving but don't actually get their tuchus in motion - financially, physically, and specifically with their kids. Our children are not going to gain appreciation for those less fortunate or the extreme needs that exist in our world unless they are engaged in a very active way. Watching parents write a check is not going to do it. They'll roll their eyes. After spending far too much money on groceries that were pushed around the plates on Thanksgiving, I was anxious to find a way to get my children actively involved....more

Gratitude: In Action not Words

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The Hunger Diaries Debate So, there is quite a buzz in mommy-blogger land, about an article that recently appeared in Marie Claire magazine. The author, Katie Drummond, attended a Healthy Living Summit, that is hosted by six female, premier health, diet, and fitness bloggers....more

The reason I disagree with Marie Claire is because while yes, they have a point about some ...more