Women Can't Wait

  By Allyson Brown The Summit on the UN Millennium Development Goals is fast approaching. If we are serious about beating global poverty, the empowerment of women farmers must be high on the agenda. Why?  Did you know that women produce more than half of the world’s food but earn only 10% of the world’s income?  And although women produce up to 80% of food in the developing world, they often aren’t able to grow enough to feed themselves and their families.  Over a billion people go hungry every day, and 60% are women....more

Saving Our Children

Hunger and obesity.  It might seem odd to find these epidemics mentioned together, but they are two of the greatest threats to the health of America’s children and the future of our nation.    And Congress is running out of time to do something about it.  Childhood hunger and obesity are problems known all too well in my home state of Arkansas.  A recent Feeding America report found our state to have the highest rate of childhood hunger in the country at nearly 25 percent.  That’s one in four children living in hunger.  ...more


Thank you for working so diligently on such an important topic- and doing what you ...more

What Does Hunger Look Like? Restaurant Critic Goes From Expense Account to Food Stamps

In this economy, the fact that someone is using food stamps to make sure they have enough food to feed themselves and their family is, sadly, no longer news. But when the person on food stamps is a former restaurant critic, that's a totally different story. ...more

Candelaria, I love the idea of working with one luxury ingredient per pay period -- that ought ...more

We walked to feed 10,000 school kids

Yesterday - on Sunday June 6 - the world came together in a global demonstration against hunger. In 153 cities in 70 countries all around the world more than 150,000 people joined Walk the World 2010 - the annual fundraising event of the UN World Food Programme. The preliminary result of the fundraising event shows that WFP can feed 10,000 school children for a year - simply because these 150,000 people put on their shoes and went for a walk. ...more

So far so good....

     The day is only halfway over and I have so far succeeded in not putting anything extra in my mouth. YAY ME! ::with heavy, heavy sarcasm::  After dropping off my brother from school, I took my kids to McDonald's (oh, the temptation!) and bought three cheeseburger happy meals, with apples slices and chocolate milk; hey, if I have to eat healthy, so do they... sort of. Before I could think of ordering anything, I told the woman that was all and quickly pulled up to pay....more

Thousands of Children Will Die Today

If I were to tell you that every day this year, 34 planes each carrying 250 children will crash and there will be no survivors, how would you react? Hunger is killing thousands of children every day even though we have the knowledge, ability and means to prevent child malnutrition in developing countries.Ironically, preventing malnutrition in the first two years of a child’s life costs half of what it costs to resolve child malnutrition later on in life....more

Make a difference today in the fight against hunger!

Every 6 seconds a child dies from hunger or hunger related diseases... But all it takes is just 20 cents a day to feed a child a nutritious school meal. Help the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) fight hunger! ...more

Americans are getting food from Charity at a STAGGERING rate

According to the Phoenix Business Journal:...more

U.S. Kids Are Hungry

In a stark and surprising finding, about half the children in the United States will be on food stamps at some point during their childhood, a new study of 29 years of data shows....more

With the fact that people save/use credit / overdraw to spend on Black Friday? Are these the ...more

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