The Biggest Loser

I feel like I've been in a bit of a life rut lately. Not in a what am I doing with my life/ why am I here kind of rut...but a Why am I treating every meal like it's a wing eating contest kind of rut. In the past I have written a little bit about how it's hard to be motivated for me to go to the gym. I've written about how I love food a little too much. ...more

The Snack App

 by womenlovetech...more

The art of being "hangry"

You read it right: hangry. Have you heard of it? Are you hangry as you read this post?  ...more

No Produce

Can you imagine a world without fresh produce?  For most of us, it’s hard to fathom....more

I planted seeds would these things grow?

Blog Directory Lately since we've had great weather it seems like everything's growing extra fast: My hair , my backyard's weeds ...more

Hungry for a Cause: The Hunger Challenge Gets Under Way for Third Year

For the third year in a row, the San Francisco Food Bank has launched the Hunger Challenge, a week-long opportunity for bloggers and others to walk in the shoes of America’s hungry. The challenge: Eat for $4 per day per person, the current amount of the food stamp benefit provided to recipients. ...more

I definitely don't think I'd buy raspberries on that kind of budget -- and yes -- it's amazing ...more

My Pregnancy Hunger: Step Away From the Flax Seed

The latest development in my pregnancy is how incredibly HUNGRY I have become. It’s pretty scandalous how lustful I am for food. The other day, my husband Mike was telling me how he had lunch at Salty’s, one of my favorite Seattle restaurants, and I forced him to illustrate his meal in slow, vivid details. “Oh you had mashed potatoes? Were they creamy? Mama likes them rich and creamy. Yeah, you work it with your buttery carbs, you dirty side dish! YOU LOOK AT ME LIKE YOU HAVE A SECRET!”...more

Wow..! Lovely post... I couldn't stop ...more

Americans are getting food from Charity at a STAGGERING rate

According to the Phoenix Business Journal:...more

The Hunger Challenge is underway

This morning, nearly 34 million people in the United States faced more than the usual Monday challenge: Their week includes figuring out how to feed themselves on a food stamp budget. Thanks to economic stimulus money, that budget is higher this year than last: $28 per week, per person, rather than $21. That extra $7 makes a tremendous difference, although doing a week’s worth of shopping is tough to do even at the higher level. Last year, Gayle Keck of the San Francisco Food Bank dreamed up The Hunger Challenge. This event gave bloggers the opportunity to try living on a food stamp budget--just $21 for the week in 2008. Six of us participated, and shared our struggles on our blogs. It was a stressful, difficult week, and left me more committed than ever to do whatever I can to help feed the hungry and to increase access to fresh, affordable food for those who live in underserved areas. ...more

From now until November 4th, HLIC New York ( is hosting a “Dine In” event ...more