Hurricane Hugo: I Lost Everything 25 Years Ago – The Aftermath

Amazingly enough, many pieces of our Corelle dinnerware survived the hurricane. ...more

hurricane-proof chili

hurricane-proof chili I am a Lower Manhattan refugee....more

Hurricane Sandy: Superstorm causes coffins to rise from their graves

Coffins have eerily risen from their graves in a cemetery struck by deadly Hurricane Sandy....more

Continuing To Prepare For Isaac...

I stayed glued to The Weather Channel Monday morning until the LSU medical community in New Orleans made a decision on allowing their dental students and residents to leave the area for a couple of days because of the impending hurricane.  Relieved, I then waited for them to make it back to Alexandria, which is generally a three hour drive.  David and Ryan left at 1:20 and arrived here at 7:00.  The traffic was backed up so far that they decided to take another route that was also clogged with traffic.  That was part of my concern with them leaving the city so late. ...more
Hope you and your family are okay! Let us know how you're doing. Keeping fingers crossed...more

I'm Just Gonna Ride it Out

You know those crazy folks who, despite knowing well in advance that some sort of natural disaster is about to completely LEVEL their home, insist upon staying put rather than getting the heck out of dodge? They’re the ones who you overhear telling news reporters “I’m just gonna batten down the hatches and ride it out,” while everyone else is packing up their precious belongings and running for the hills, screaming....more
 @Isabel_Anders Many thanks, Isabel. Yes, I definitely prefer to laugh at life, even through ...more

The Storm Will "Rapidly Deteriorate" Beginning at Six. It's Six!

It's six o'clock so I put on my full winter gear and went down to check out the ocean.  Just twenty feet from our house, I slipped!  Unmelodramitcally, it was not from the wind, but just because the ground is slick....more
I respect your brave journey to the sea! Thanks for the video!more

Bering Sea Superstorm - It's been named!

The wind is picking up.  The schools are closed.  Most of the businesses are closed down.  The wind is whistling.  I decided to take a walk.I donned my heavy bunny boots, snow pants, jacket, face mask, seal skin mitts, and hat and stepped outside.  My first stop was our neighbor's yard where a few things were blowing around.  The sled was wedged between our house and the fuel tank and I decided that was as good a place as any....more

Preparing for the Hurricane

My blog: http://abookformydaughter.wordpress.comComing out on the other side of the hurricane with our electricity still working, our floors dry, and our store intact, I can now look back at the last few days and laugh at my approach to hurricane preparedness—a much needed release of the tension that had been building in me for days.Thursday (Two Days Until Storm):...more

Michele Bachmann took another leap over the boundaries of reality on Sunday

Lea Grover writes: "Michele Bachmann took another leap over the boundaries of reality on Sunday" when Bachmann suggested that the recent earthquake and hurricane that hit Washington D.C. were messages from God. Read the whole post here: Michele Bachmann, President or Prophet?Maybe it should be 'President or Prophet or just plain stupid? What do you think?...more