If A Small Farm Fails, Does Anyone Notice?

This past week and especially the weekend were especially sad for the Accidental Locavore. The news was something I'd been hoping—desperately hoping—not to hear for almost six months now. When I finally got in touch with my farmer about continuing our arrangement for my weekly farm box, he said he wasn't farming anymore. The hurricane and subsequent storms from last August had wiped him out. And a farm that had been feeding people for generations is no more. ...more
It was the weather that did him in. It's the one thing no one can control. Thank you for the ...more

Disastrous Loss: Are You Prepared?

As writers, we understand loss. We fill jump drives or external hard drives with precious data or we backup our files on the cloud in case we need access from anywhere.But are we prepared for a true disaster? Are we ready if a fire strikes our office (or wherever we write), if a tornado demolishes our home, or if a hurricane forces flood waters into our lives?...more
I hadn't even thought about the number of books that would be out of print. Good point! How do ...more

Irene is a B!tch!

Irene is a b!tch! There, I said it.  This awful being caused the cancellation of our family flight home from the west coast and delayed my recent blog posts!...more

Hurricane Irene, the Accidental Locavore Looks at the Aftermath

Tonight, the Accidental Locavore actually got this week’s farm box delivered. We had stopped by the farm earlier, but Farmer Paul said nothing was ready yet....more

Before the Power Goes Out

It seems that Long Island and NYC are no longer immune to the capriciousness of Mother Nature. Earlier this week as my chandelier swayed above me and the floor shook beneath, I somehow correctly guessed I was experiencing an earthquake. Remembering past advisories, I calmly stood in the doorway of my bedroom thinking it was safe. My only fear was that the quake’s epicenter was beneath my feet. The shaking lasted less than a minute so I didn’t have time to panic. Later on I found out that the safety of the doorway was a myth. I should have ducked under my kitchen table instead....more

Camping, Anyone?

One week after Irene, the lights are on and the streets are cleared. We were lucky. No one we know of was hurt, our house is intact and no trees were lost. Thankfully, our children and grandchildren are safe and sound as well. Unfortunately, there are still a few without power and with fallen trees that block the roads....more

Hurricane Irene - and a few other powerful women…

After Irene passed through Connecticut earlier this week, many of us once again have power....more
@ehriszinha Thanks for commenting! Aren't women amazing?! more

How Blogging via Battery got Fire Chief's Attention Post Irene

Four days post Hurricane Irene, and we are STILL without power.  Worse, the estimated date for us to get power back is LAST in our town, aka Wednesday 9/7.Ugh.Though I learned a lot about 3 things: what items are an absolute necessity in a power outage, menu/recipe options for cooking in the dark, and the AWESOME POWER of blogging/posting....more

What I Learned from Irene & Billy-Joe-Bob

Well.  We made it through Hurricane Irene.  Our city looks like a war zone.  The damage is horrendous.  Had no idea.  The university here has shut down. {Universities usually don't shut down--unless the chancellor can't walk across the street from his house to his office.}...more

How We Survived Hurricane Irene – In Pictures

Those of us deserted in the New York City by friends and family who rushed to the suburbs for safety, spent most of our hurricane weekend on the phone reporting that everything was fine. Now, as the deserters were struggling to get back to the city, we decided not to disappoint them and tell them how it really was.Getting ready for the big wave...more