Help The Victims of Hurricane Sandy by Hosting a Touchstone Crystal Jewelry Party

Thanksgiving is almost here. And while we’re all giving thanks – and thinking about all of the awesome Black Friday sales to take advantage of after the turkey’s been eaten – there are people on the East Coast whose lives have been devastatedby Hurricane Sandy. These people are struggling to just get their lives back to some kind of normal – much less worrying about what presents they can get at a discount on Friday....more

3 Reasons to Not Have Sympathy for Sandy Victims

Maybe it’s just semantics to some, maybe I’m splitting hairs but I have a real beef with the idea of being sympathetic. In my mind, and I’m willing to admit that maybe it’s just me, sympathy is both passive and selfish....more

So, Then What Happens?

 Inspired by the recent Hurricane Sandy news about the uncovered shipwreck on Fire Island, I began to ruminate. What if there’s treasure in the splintered remains? Surely there’s got to be some interesting artifacts....more
I think I like the idea of throwing in zombies into the story.     :) ~Virginiamore

Images on television don’t prepare you

You had a very difficult day.  Nothing seemed to go your way.  You are tired, you are cranky and you are stressed.  You are so looking forward to relaxing.  You want a break.  Scratch that.  You NEED a break!...more
@Darcie Love you...   I forgot what normal is... but I can't say I am hating totally on this ...more

Helping After the Hurricane

Sometimes you just want to help. Many times you don't know how. At least that's how it is for me.We see these big, life changing natural disasters on the news and think, "wow." We want to help, but it's far away. We aren't sure what to do, so we go about living our own lives.Except this time the natural disaster was here. This time the hurricane devastated towns that are a 30 minute drive from me.I had the same thoughts of, "oh, I want to do something," but no excuses this time because it was here....more

Hurricane Sandy Hits Home

Sandy Hits Home Whether it was a tropical storm or a hurricane, Sandy has hit home. Felicia, one of Uncool College Parents’ founders, has been hit hard by the storm. Her home has been destroyed and through her loss, we’ve come to have a personal stake in Sandy. Felicia knows that her home can be rebuilt and that stuff is only stuff. But some stuff make memories and that loss is hard to bear. In her words: Nothing can describe what it feels like to walk into your home and find it demolished. Carpet squishing underfoot. The water might have receded, but we can see where it was....more

Taking Advantage of Sandy: Bank of America Uses Storm to slash credit lines

Helping those affected by superstorm Sandy has become the new marketing strategy for the financial sector. From E-bay to Paypal to the mega banks whose ruthless and reckless behavior drives the Occupy Wall Street movement, everyone is claiming to help residents in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania deal with the financial burden created by the storm's aftermath. Unfortunately with some companies this is much more hype than substance, a way of trying to smooth over the feathers of so many of us hurting due to the Great Recession. ...more

Your not-so-normal Monday post. Except I kiss a Rasta at one point, so there's that.

Ok. So I got my power back this morning and things are looking up! Except the three hour commute to work, but there’s really very little anyone can do about that at the moment, and so I’ll choose not to complain about it. Except by merely mentioning it, I kind of was able to complain while saying I wasn’t complaining, which actually makes me a mad genius. Anyway, this isn’t your typical Monday post. BUT, I promise you that it’ll be back to normal with all of its glorious fluff and wit (allegedly) tomorrow! ...more

And then I almost died in a Tori Spelling made for TV movie.

So I totally learned some important lessons about myself over these last few days when Sandy decided to be a big ole' b-word on the East Coast. Not the least of which was "put your pants on and don't eat so much candy corn." Right? Please, like I'm the only one.  ...more

For Love of Country

By Anne Wall “Vote for Love of Country.” This was Mitt Romney’s response to President Obama’s campaign cry, “Vote for Revenge.”These statements define the distinct differences between two leaders. Today, American voters will have a clear choice between two presidential candidates with very different leadership styles and ideologies.While one leader inspires hope, confidence and optimism, the other cries out in desperation for “revenge.” This negative choice of words was unfortunate yet consistent with the negative rhetoric heard throughout this campaign....more