Coming to grips with being spared: Finding gratitude in the midst of survivor's guilt

Tonight I state the obvious.I'm thankful for luck. And geography. And weather patterns that missed me and my loved ones.But I hate being thankful for all that. It feels selfish when I know that so many other people are truly suffering right now after Hurricane Sandy.People are cold, homeless, hungry, worn out and grieving.Even though I was spared, I find it hard to give thanks. It feels like because I was OK, someone else had to suffer.My heart hurts for these people.Why not me?...more

wheat bread (and electricity!)

wheat bread (and electricity!)So, since sometime around Wednesday morning, after the electricity had been out since Monday night,  and after we took a step back to regain our senses, I have been baking bread.  A lot of bread, in fact....more

My son gets me thinking, and losing sleep.

K’s been so fun this week that I’ve been home, unable to get to work thanks to MetroNorth trains not running for a few days, and then due to a lack of electricity in my office.  I’ve had a forced staycation, which is weird because last Sunday, before receiving news from our office to stay at home until further notice, I brought up the idea of a staycation with my husband.  I’ll have 6 extra vacation days to take before year ends aside from the 5 I’ll take mid-December to visit my 87-year old recently-widowed Godfather.  I am grateful that I’ve been able to be home with him in...more

Jersey After Hurricane Sandy-Learning About My Home

I’m writing this morning from a warm apartment 200 miles away from my home. Our house is fine. We are the lucky ones. The winds were terrifying. They took down a power line and set a tree on fire outside our front door, but the moment of terror was just that, a moment. The rain that I feared flooding our very leaky house did not come. We were largely spared....more

Knowledge is Power, Perspective is Critical, Gratefulness is Profound. Let's Mobilize.

It has been an intense and emotional week, not naming any names, Hurricane Sandy.  I believe in my heart that humans are caring and want to help.  The only actions we can control are our own.  Knowledge is power, perspective is critical, gratefulness is profound.  In the best of circumstances they mobilize people to help others each and every day or at the very least, when disaster strikes.  Disaster has struck.  Let’s mobilize....more

Living With Power, Surrounded by the Dark

My mom and I have been blogging Hurricane Sandy from Long Island and Brooklyn, respectively. ...more
Thank you for writing this evocative piece, Carsen. It's chilling (and your photos are incredible.)more

Hurricane Sandy

My mom and I have been blogging Hurricane Sandy from Long Island and Brooklyn, respectively. At her insistence I have started to blog on my own. I have been exploring my neighborhood, Brooklyn and Manhattan. I have photos from my exploration in my flickr photostream. I will continue to explore around Brooklyn and Manhattan while school is closed this week, and keep writing and taking photos about life post-Sandy....more

Sandy: the Grinch who Stole Halloween

This morning I was mourning the loss of Halloween... I know it's a minuscule loss compared to what so many others are missing, but I'm grieving the sense of normalcy I associate with the holiday. For those of you not in affected areas, please be grateful for what you have. I was lucky enough to have celebrated my favorite holiday on Friday and Saturday nights, before Sandy hit. I usually go all out for Halloween, and this year was no exception. I dressed up as Miss Frizzle from the Magic School Bus....more

Hurricane Sandy!

Hurricane Sandy! ...more