waiting for gustav

when you live in the gulf coast, hurricane season is a big deal. i didn't know how worried about gustav we should be, but when i went to the grocery store and saw the water aisle completely stocked (as opposed to being completely empty) i felt better. because i have seen it bare more times in the past three years than i care to recall. and no lines at the gas pump, relieved. it was not coming our direction. at least not yet anyway. why are there so many more hurricanes now than there used to be? and why are they so much more intense? ...more


What happens after a natural disaster?

On Monday Catherine blogged about disaster preparation and on Wednesday Amanda blogged about evacuation vs sticking it out. Now it's my turn to jump into the series with some information about what happens after a natural disaster. Thanks to the media it's pretty easy to feel like we've been through a hurricane or an earthquake even if the disaster has hit thousands of miles away. The photos and videos are so vivid and so inundating that some of us actually feel like we have PTSD. Have you ever wondered what you would do and how you'd find help if you were one of those families whose lives was turned upside down by a hurricane, a tornado, a fire or an earthquake? ...more

Thanks for pulling this together all in one place -- I particularly appreciate the links to ...more