Hurricane Sandy: Memories on the Lawn

Hurricane Sandy ravaged Long Island, New York and the surrounding areas two years ago....more

These Volunteers Prove That a Bucket, Some Elbow Grease and Can Make a Big Difference after Hurricane Sandy

When Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast last year, relief efforts were underway almost immediately....more

Life After "Sandy"

If you're like so many who have experienced superstorm "Sandy", you may or may not have electricity back. If someone had told me four weeks ago that "Sandy" would cause such massive devastation to so many people, I would not haven taken them seriously until it happened. ...more

Hurricane Sandy - Teaching Children That When Bad Things Happen They Still Can Be Okay.

Nothing ever becomes real till it is experienced.John Keats...more

The Climate Impact of Your Groceries

It is probably surprising to many that palm oil production is responsible for contributing to global climate change by way of rainforest destruction. Our rainforests play an important role in stabilizing climate events. After Irene and Sandy hitting the Eastern U.S. we should all be looking at our everyday habits and how they relate to climate instability. See this article for more information on which food and beauty products contain palm oil and how this affects our globe.


I was born and raised in New Jersey and lived in New York for 16 years.  It was one of the greatest gifts I ever received.Please, find it in your hearts to help out those in need.  A truly fulfilling experience is helping out another when they are down.Extend your strong hand and pull them up!...more

Hurricane Sandy: Day 4 Post-Storm

We are still surrounded by dark. Our street is a small oasis in the dark stretching all around. There are other pockets of light, but 50% of all of Long Island is still in the dark.And in more ways than just no power – people do not know what is going on. Rumors abound. Social media is the source of most people’s news. Many people have not even seen the photos of the devastation in Manhattan or New Jersey.  The Marathon is a hot topic. Everyone thinks they should cancel it; thankfully they do....more
I so relate... I live at the beach in NY... we were without power for 17 days, and then we ...more

How Your Coffee Choices Affect Global Climate and Storms Like Sandy

There is a direct link between the kind of coffee you purchase and our global climate. Extreme weather like Sandy hitting the East Coast of the U.S. is one example of how global climate change is affecting people. This article describes how your everyday choices can help or hinder climate stability.

Hurricane Sandy – I Lost Power But Maybe Found a Stronger Connection

It has been a few days since hurricane Sandy reached the Northeast and caused havoc for millions. I remained in my apartment in New York City for three days with my two daughters without electricity or water. The days had their challenges but I noticed how my daughters and I all stayed together the entire time. We ate, slept, talked and played together. We laughed about the non-working toilet that was starting to smell and the hard biscuits I made in the dark....more
@Renmeleon What a great idea to unplug one night a week.  I think I am going to try that in my home.more

PSA: Why You Should Check on Your Neighbors in the Wake of Sandy

***Just a slight diversion from my regular DIY posts...I feel compelled to share this as a PSA. I'm usually a very upbeat blogger, but I am hoping this post helps us recognize the more subtle signs that someone may need additional help in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. *** Tonight my kids lost another grandparent. Since 2010, that makes four. ...more
Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry. And yes, thank you for the reminder.more