90 Days

12 weeks and 6 days.  24.66 % of a year. 90 days.   2,160 hours. 129,600 minutes.  7,776,000 seconds.That’s how long it’s been since the world stopped spinning. My world, anyway.  Being a wife, a mom, a daughter, a grandmother, even just being me, have all taken a back seat.I am a care giver.  All of me is focused on my husband Mike’s next breath, next meal, next medication, next doctor’s appointment....more

How To Prepare for Halloween like My Husband Does

Tomorrow is November 1st and it marks a very special occasion.It’s the day of the year where I beg my husband to bring down the Christmas decoration boxes and place them in the dining room so I can stare, longingly, at them in excited anticipation of decorating.He’s one of those scrooges that thinks it’s “inappropriate” and “crazy” to start decorating for the holidays in July.Whatever....more

The Perfect Husband For Me

So, some of us (hmmm…me over here) think that we are perfect, right?  Think that we have things all figured out and that the way we do things is the right way.  This leaves very little room to make a happy life with someone else.Truth is, I don’t actually think I am perfect, but if you watched me and knew my personality, you would most definitely think that was my mentality.  At the end of the day though, I beat myself up way more than anyone else does or ever could, probably in the quest for perfection, but that’s a whole other story....more

What My Husband Thinks About Me and Mother's Day

My Husband’s View So, Mother’s Day is right around the corner (in case you live under a rock and somehow missed this fact), and I dutifully added “Mother’s Day cards” to my Monday shopping list....more

A Love Story

Alright, since our third wedding anniversary is coming up, I'm going to use you as my guinea pig. I need to practice sharing the condensed "family friendly" version of the story of me and Kyle. [We met in college ok?!]  Lets do this! ...more

Good Intentions Gone Wrong

If you've been reading my blog for any length of time, you know how much I like to highlight the absent-minded situations that my husband gets into. His intentions are good, but somehow his plans always go awry. Case in point: One afternoon when we were hosting a backyard barbecue, my husband offered to do all the cooking. He'd forgotten to replace the old gas line to the grill, and was happily flipping burgers when he noticed a small spark by the gas tank. Grease from the meat was splattering everywhere and hitting the leaks in the gas line. ...more

My husband is a sports FAN-atic

It was his reaction to a 73-yard Hail Mary pass that made me wonder if he was truly the one for me. Crushed that his team had lost in the last six seconds of the game. Speechless that they had let the win slip from their hands. Outraged by their incompetence, my then boyfriend lapsed into a sports-hazed coma and sulked like a 5-year-old who had just been denied some candy. But I married him anyway...more

My husband is not my soul mate

Several years ago, a friend of mine was going through a rough patch in her marriage and asked me if I believed in soul mates and if so, did I consider my husband to be my soul mate.At the time I was married about five years and gave her what I thought was a truly enlightened answer. I told her that I didn’t believe that we have one soul mate in our lives. I believe that we have many soul mates. And yes, I believe that my husband is one of my soul mates.Well, that was almost 15 years, one child, and at least four or five jobs ago....more
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How To Get Your Wife in the Mood, Guaranteed

Worth a shot, the reverse of the techniques seem to have little effect.more

How To Keep A Husband Happy