Calling Him Out

Calling him out on his behavior is difficult. When I was in my relationship with my Ex, I stopped calling him out. The dirty looks I’d get when I’d say, “But you said you’d do that,” etc. made me give up....more

My Husband Has A Boyfriend

Every night my husband "disappears." Sometimes it's only for thirty minutes; other times it's more like three hours. It usually happens when he goes to walk the dog.**Click image to read full article**...more


I haven’t had a chance to write — trying to get through a divorce.DIVORCENot a word I anticipated uttering, but I guess no one does.  15 years.  Flushed into the toilet, buy someone who has no idea what loving me was or is.  He thinks he did…but he didn’t.  He used me, lied to me and will answer, someday, for all that.  If he ever even cares....more
Jeana Thank your!  One day  I'm I'm golden.  It is horrible....the protecting of ...more

Love, Life, and Men....who cheat.

We all know men and women are driven by hormones, but what is it that makes a man feel so attracted to the notion of cheating, especially when they are already in a great relationship with a incredible woman?All men know that cheating is wrong. But no matter how clear they are on it, they are also under the influence of many forces that push them to think about, and sometimes actually do it anyway. But that isn't to say all men cheat. All men and women have the potential of cheating.  ...more

Love, Honor, Cherish

Traditional marriage vows include the promise to "love, honor and cherish."  With all my thinking about divorce this week, I'm seeing these three words in a new light.  LOVE is an intense feeling of deep affection.  HONOR means to treat someone with great respect.  To CHERISH your partner means to protect and care for them in a loving fashion.  ...more

The Small of the Back

 Invisible couple (william) / CC BY-SA 2.0...more
henmom Thanks for your thoughts on rebuilding! Your comment caused me to reflect on how far I've ...more

If He'll Cheat With You...

Back Story:  In September of 1999, I found lipstick on his collar but he said “it was only dinner” and he started going to therapy.  Things got better between us.  Then Fartbuster told me in April of 2000 that he wanted to move out for a while and “get his head straight.”  Three weeks later, he comes clean (on the advice of his therapist) that he had had an affair in the fall....more


There’s a local, hotel bar that my single girlfriends frequent.  The kind that all of the wealthy investment bankers, venture capitalists and lawyers go to unwind after work.  Not my cup of tea, but once in a blue moon I’ll tag along just to spend time with my girlfriends.  Okay that, make fun of the men that go there and pretend my life is more interesting than mommyland for a moment.   ...more