Time after time

It changes slightly, but pretty much the same scene unfolds at my house every single day of the week.  I race around like a madwoman, trying to cram three and a half hours of activity into the two hours I have before I need to shower and dash off to work.“Can you slow down, please?” my husband pretty much begs. This request usually comes as I am yielding a knife.“What are you talking about?” I ask.  Confused.“You are flying!  You don’t even realize how fast you are going.  If you don’t slow down, one of these days you will really get hurt.”...more

Reality is in the eyes of the beholder

“I am so frustrated!” I exclaimed to my husband one night after I got home from work.“What’s wrong?” he asked....more

We are all just prisoners here, of our own device

When you live on the beach, like we do, in the summer month’s your home feels more like a hotel.  Over the years, Marc and I have had a lot of fun joking about the “hotel we run”.  First we made brochures.  Then we put room numbers on the guest doors....more

Welcome to my world

These are just some snippets of real conversations I have had lately…. Me to a co-worker last Thursday: “I am going to be out on Friday. I have to have surgery on my foot.” Co-Worker: “Oh no, what happened.” Me: “I broke my toe, and it never healed properly so I it always hurts me, regardless of what shoes I wear.” Co-Worker: “When did you break it?” Me (quietly): “Um… fifteen years ago.” At the doctor’s office moments before the surgery:...more

When Sandy Hits, Buick Kicks

If you think about it, there is not much to get excited over a 1985 Buick that is in far from mint condition.  That is unless it is days after Hurricane Sandy slammed your home and your life, destroying your car, and creating a gas shortage in its wake.  The 1985 Buick is the best car in the world because it has a full tank of gas, and you are fortunate your neighbor loaned it to you…....more
@Karen Ballum  I know.. they were really a savior... we were so frustrated and the nail in the ...more

Lucy the cat's first week home

Saturday“Let’s bring her downstairs so she can eat breakfast in the kitchen.  I think it is good for her to get to know the house,” my husband, Marc, said....more

You can't always get what you want...

“So I heard from the kitchen company today,” my husband, Marc, told me towards the end of our renovation project, “and it doesn’t seem like they are going to be able to get the stainless steel piece for behind the stove.” “Why?” “I don’t know.  They have been trying to contact the company but aren’t able to get through.  Probably has something to do with the hurricane.” “So what are we going to do?” “I spoke to them and we are going to use the same stone that is on the counters to go behind the stove.”...more
@Darcie Thanks!  I know... I am a firm believer in that too... Usually the end result is worth ...more

Will you still need me, will you still feed me when I am sixty-four

The last time my husband, Marc, went to the doctor for a physical; his blood pressure was slightly elevated.  The doctor wasn’t too concerned, as he knew that Marc was going through a stressful time. But he did caution him to keep an eye on it.  So Marc purchased a blood pressure machine. Several times a day, Marc would test his blood pressure.  But the readings were never consistent.  They weren’t even close.  “Do you know if you are even doing this right?” I asked him one day. ...more

It's all fun and games, until....

“What are you doing?” My husband Marc asked me, as I sat on the den floor surrounded by paper towels and my trusty bottle of cleanser, two weeks after the hurricane. “Cleaning the backgammon set,” I answered as I rolled my eyes, “what does it look like I am doing?” “I guess my question is why?” he retorted. “I don’t want to have to throw this out too.  Besides, this is a good set.  The pieces are wood.  Maybe if I clean it they won’t mold up,” I answered as I continued scrub. ...more
@Darcie now that proves you are a good friend (although when I did used to play I always picked ...more

More than meets the eye

I arrived home late from work, and it was raining. Marc’s car was already parked by our neighbors so I called from the street to find out if I should park behind him or if I was safe to use our own driveway. “No, park behind me,” he instructed. ...more
So funny that he was wearing oven mitts! :)more