Behind the Scenes: A Travel Writer Press Junket

When I mention that I write travel features for magazines and newspapers, I invariably hear one of two responses: “If you ever need someone to come along, call me!” or “That’s what I’ve always wanted to do.” Everyone, it seems, yearns to be a travel writer. You get paid to eat at a passel of restaurants, indulge in fancy hotels, and snare lots of swag, right?...more
Sounds like two great nights! I really enjoyed reading about the press junket! Thanks for giving ...more


#1 son living in Manhattan said you couldn't find a hotel room in the Big Apple for under $200 a night.  Scored the Grand Hyatt at Grand Central through Priceline for $119.  After taxes $150.  With Hyatt loyalty card - free coffee and bottled water for the day (and the rest of the stay!) Mama knows best. Girlphyte....more

Starting the Day in Hawaii

During our honeymoon in Hawaii, our travel agent booked hotels that included breakfast in the package.  We had the great fortune of trying many different breakfast dishes.  Not only did we stay in Hawaii for twelve nights, but we lodged at three different hotels, giving us many opportunities to try a variety of foods. Two of our hotels belonged to the same chain and offered a buffet.  However, even these two breakfasts had differences.  Our third hotel was much smaller, so we ordered our breakfasts off of a menu.   ...more

Mid-Afternoon Cocktails

My husband and I enjoy a well made cocktail.  In fact, we are very fortunate that our favorite restaurant has 2 bartenders, both of whom are excellent at making drinks.  So, on our honeymoon in Hawaii, we decided to indulge in the occasional afternoon cocktail. Twice we enjoyed our grown-up treats poolside, once was at the hotel's lounge after a relaxing afternoon at the spa.  However, we discovered that drinks from some hotels were better than others.  Not that this was shocking, it was just interesting to note which hotels provided tastier drinks. ...more