Yes, People, I Am Still Single

One of the things I like about getting older is that many of the things that used to bother me when I was younger, no longer do.  One of those things that no longer bothers me is being asked --often in an incredulous tone-- why I'm still single.  And its a good thing because it happened, again,  just the other day....more
Eleanore, your post had me laughing from the moment I read the title. I'm divorced and I may ...more

Is Being Single the New "In" Thing?

There was a time when a woman over, say 35, who was still single was thought of as “less than”…not quite up to par with her better off sisters who had managed to snag a husband…like they’re supposed to.  Something had to be wrong with her, right, because why isn’t she married?  This, actually, wasn’t too long ago.  Two years ago, when I first started writing my book --The Spinsterlicious Life: 20 Life Lessons for Living Happily Single and Childfree-- I got many puzzled looks from lots of people. ...more

Living Your Best [Single] Life

I have a pretty good life: great relationships with my family and a fabulous circle of good friends, an active social life, good health, lots of travel, and I support charitable organizations with my money and time. I adore my 13-year-old Yorkie, Danny. Despite all this goodness, though, I still come across people who look at my life and feel sorry for me…because I’m not married.  (It happened again just the other day with a woman I met in the dentist's office.)  And I don’t get it....more

Real-Life Fairy Tales

As you probably know, many single women are single because they choose to be. Others, however, are more reluctantly single. They would like to be married but it just hasn't worked out for them...either a first-time go at it or a marriage that came to a premature end. Some of them politely (or not) "yell" at me that my single-is-ok mantra is over-rated.   They're managing being single but would really like to be someone's wife.  And I get it...kinda. Being single-not-married works for me though I do like being single-with-a-boyfriend.  ...more

Amiably "Surviving" Singlehood

 I think most people by now are aware of recent figures published by the U.S. Census and the Pew Institute about the growing number of singles in the U.S., so I won't belabor that point. Being single is "hot." Yet, when I hear a woman complain that she's miserable being single, I wonder what's really bugging her. Oh sure, like marriage, being single can be a challenge sometimes, but is it miserable? If everything else in your life is pretty good, I can't see how being single could be anything more than an occasional frustration. ...more