I Love My Autistic Son -- Even Though I Hate Autism

Many people seem to arrive at my website through an autism or Asperger’s internet search. I’ve seen everything from “my autistic son walks in circles” to “I hate my autistic child.” As you can imagine, it hurts my heart when I see some of the more upsetting search terms. When I first saw the search about hating their child, I immediately began a blog post addressing it, but I stopped myself half-way in. The truth is, I can understand that moment, when you are so angry and hopeless and powerless over your situation and you feel such huge, overwhelming emotions and you desperately seek relief or answers. I probably have turned to the internet on more than one occasion, searching for similar help. I get it....more
I disagree with farlandar.  I have Asperger's Syndrome and my son has extremely low-functioning ...more