To Work or Not to Work? Are We Really Still Asking This Question?

I'm a serendipitous SAHM. That's Stay-At-Home-Mom for those unfamiliar with mommy acronyms. I say serendipitous because although I had desires of staying home with my children, I hadn't planned on it. My three-year paid subscription to Working Mother Magazine will be running out when my first-born turns three next month. I was a working mother when I bought that subscription but due to some unfortunate and unforseen events at work, I have been a SAHM for a year and a half....more

A Serious Case of SAHM Envy

I’m just gonna put it out there. Sometimes, I am simply OVERWHELMED with Stay-At-Home-Mama envy! I am sure I’m not alone. I’m sure there are plenty of working mamas out there who would give their right arm to be able to stay home and watch their kids all day, every day. I just didn’t think I would be one of them....more
I am writing long after you posted this, so it is probably not even relevant anymore. I am a ...more

I Want To Stay At HOME!

I WANT TO STAY AT HOME! For many women staying at home is a priority for various reasons. No matter your reason for wanting or needing to stay at home there are plenty of things to do that can help fill the gaps! Here are some web resources to get you started whether you want to stretch a dollar or make a dollar! more: ...more