Learning To Love My Sick Self

When I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in 2010 the only thing I felt was embarrassment....more

Probiotics and Crohn's Disease

Research is underway to determine how the bacteria profiles of our digestive tracts is related to Crohn’s and colitis patients. This bacteria makeup of the gut shows patients have a few things going against them:...more

A Day in the Life for Someone with Crohn's Disease or Colitis

Crohn's disease is an illness that affects many people of various ages. There's a fairly good likelihood that you know someone who has Crohn's or, at the very least, know someone who knows someone. But what you may not know is what it really means to suffer from it. ...more
Crohnnie @blogher  I missed this comment.  Sorry!  Absolutely Crohn's has a multitude of ...more

yes, i really do believe this

it’s been super stressful around here lately….packing, cleaning, moving, unpacking, more cleaning….’discussions’ with the builders on trim colors, furniture shopping….*sigh*. all good, all fun, all such blessings, but all stressful for me. and my body doesn’t handle stress well....more

getting the y(uc)k out, part 2

i realized in my last post i didn’t put a link to the center where i go for my naturopathic uc care. you can learn more about the center and my doctor, Dr. Nate Champion (ps. how great is the name “Champion” for a doctor?!) here. they offer care for both physical and mental/emotional healing, with many incredible psychologists on staff....more

Carrots pushed me over the edge...

Just a warning: this is a Crohn's heavy entry, I'm talking about poop, and gas here!  I inadvertently put myself into what I'm calling a mini-flare on Saturday night/Sunday morning. I'm still feeling the effects right now. It's odd, because as of right now my bowel movements are formed, and I only had two bouts of loose stool. The real issue I'm having is joint pain, mostly in my wrists, which is the area that has been the most effected by my disease. ...more
I have heard that raw carrots can be anti-parasitic, so it maybe that they were killing off ...more

What's Wrong With Me: My Crohn's Story

For years no one believed me, thought that I was making up the constant stomach ache and nausea to get out of doing things. For years I thought it was my nerves. For years I’ve had this disease attacking my body to the point where I was waking up with nausea every single day, that after I ate I would have such an intense ball of pain in my stomach that I had to just lay down. I finally went to the doctor when the pain moved slightly to the right and I thought my appendix had ruptured....more

Thank you Denise. I'm going to have to read that book now!! more

When Your Stomach Really Hurts: Bloggers With Inflammatory Bowel Diseases on World IBD Day

Last week, I had a nasty stomach virus -- you know, the kind that sends you crawling to the bathroom every five minutes. The kind that means you can't keep even the smallest sip of water on your stomach without having to do that crawl back to the bathroom. Yea, that kind. It was horrible. So horrible that I Yammered in sick (and scared my co-workers because I never take a sick day). It was so horrible that when I wasn't in the bathroom, I was whining to my partner about how horrible I felt -- how much pain I was in -- how these were the last hours of my life and she would be sorry that she did not spend them listening to me whine my way through them. Once I recovered, I felt horribly guilty for being a big baby about that stomach virus. I felt guilty because TW has an IBD -- Crohn's Disease, to be specific. ...more
Love that you highlighted this. I am an IBD warrior who now blogs to tell my story and bring ...more