Maybe the right bones connected....

…well, you know the rest of that old song.I had physical therapy yesterday and was pretty excited. I got to officially go on the stationary bike for 10 minutes and learned a few more exercises. I was sore but felt good.Until this morning....more

Stormy Weather

BlogHer NaBloPoMo March 2014Mar1 by dmauldin53 ...more

My Love-Hate Relationship with Snow, and Pictures with Santa!

Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop this week has two prompts that I’m going to jump all over.  One is this one, on snow.  The other is Santa Pictures.I have a love-hate relationship with snow.I love looking at it....more

What Freezes Faster? Hot water or cold?

This question has been tormenting me since I was a student in Banff Elementary School and a teacher asked us what would happen if you put two identical containers outside in the snow. The first container held hot water, the second cold. Which would freeze faster?...more

Glass Half Empty, Half Full, or Half Frozen?

Prompt: Do you see the glass as half full or half empty [on the farm]? I'm looking at my Iphone screen right now and having a serious glass half full/half empty moment: ...more

Keeping the Dogs Cool

 Keeping the Dogs Cool...more

Forget The bread And Milk, I Needed A Can Opener!!

Here we go again...sigh.  The weather forecasters are just as excited as they were exactly a week ago but they are being very careful to tell us that "This is not a major winter storm event".  After last week's confident forecast of winter weather failed to materialize,  the weather team on the local news is trying hard not to get our hopes up.  Rather the hopes of school kids and teachers and others who can stay home and enjoy the storm, I mean. I can safely say, that everytime winter weather is predicted, it always falls on a day when I have to go to the store ...more

Polar Bears: An Unstable Future

The footprints of climate change are apparent throughout the world: droughts are threatening our crops and water supplies, and on the flip side, our oceans are warming, increasing the intensity of storms and hurricanes, sea levels are rising, arctic ice is melting at an alarming rate. And one fury white mammal is clinging on to the nearest iceberg. Image: waynesworld_az via Flickr ...more
That is so sad! The Polar Bears are so beauiful.more

Ask A Scientist: A Few Good Ice Cubes

Question: How are perfectly clear ice cubes made?Answer: Geometry, son.  Well, that and an insulated cooler.  Also maybe impurities in the water.  But mostly geometry, son....more