Cold Brew Coffee Ice Cream with Almonds and Chocolate Chunks

Is it melt-your-face hot where you are? Because it is here....more

Triple Berry Ice Cream

My child is a berry-holic.For reals.Each week in our house we go through two pounds of strawberries and at least another pound and a half of other berries. And that just barely gets us through the week....more

Arctic Zero provides ice cream joy for dieters

If you love ice cream but are on a diet, consider Arctic Zero. The frozen desserts have satisfied my cravings for ice cream ever since I discovered them, and now they've come out with some new flavors that are even better. Cake Batter, for example, has just 35 calories for half a cup, with 3 grams of protein and 2 grams of fiber. It tastes just like licking that cake batter bowl. I also love the Toasted Coconut flavor, which has real coconut in it and also is just 35 calories a serving with a boost of protein and fiber. ...more

Yummy Blueberry and Raspberry Sauce

The kids...okay... and mommy, absolutely love ice cream and this topping is another great way to have some fruit and makes any ice cream special in no time at all. After all we all need little treats......more

Why Nougat Isn't That White Fluff In A Milky Way Bar!

If you think that white fluff in a Milky Way bar is nougat, let me just say uhn-uhn....more

homemade peach ice cream

Peach ice cream brings back memories for me.  It reminds me of summer visits to my grandparents house in White Stone....more