No Winners in the 'Baby' Veronica Case

I want to get riled up, to get angry that 'Baby' Veronica has been returned to the adoptive parents. But I can't. I knew the story would take this turn, would end up in this way with the Capobiancos, the family who had custody for her first two years of life, coming out as victors and Brown, her biological father who fought for custody, as, simply put, the loser. But let's be point blank about this fact: There are no winners in this case. ...more
I was at such a crossroads with this one.  As an adoptive parent, V's biological father ...more

"Baby" Veronica Is Growing Up: ICWA, 2 Families, & Now an Arrest

After the Supreme Court decided against a biological father in the so-called “Baby Veronica” case two months ago, I found myself worried not just for the family in the case, but for adoption in general. Adoption is riddled with misunderstanding and the mainstream media tends to exacerbate the problem rather than clarifying. ...more
I have a story of unjust adoption. My niece was sold away by a family friend and neighbor that ...more