Compassionate Conservatism

Was that ever really a thing? I mean, besides a way to sugarcoat regular conservatism to make it sound more appealing to swing voters? I think it was Tony Blair who said something like, “Compassionate conservatism means we’re still not going to help you but we’re really sorry about it.”...more
The GOP has a few contradictions! The best is Abortion and Birth Control. We know if Birth ...more

Visiting Coeur d'Alene? Go up, up and away!

Rusha SamsOh, the Places We Seehttp://ohtheplaceswesee.comThink blue when you visit Coeur d'Alene, and then take a sea plane over the lake!  You'll remember the experience forever!

My Beautiful Idaho

I was born and raised in South Texas, but have spent the last 16 years of my life here in Idaho.  Idaho is this country's best kept secret.  When one thinks of "Idaho", the first thing that comes to mind is "Potatoes."  However, believe me when I say, there is much more to Idaho than potatoes. This is God's country. "If you are tired of Idaho, you are tired of life."  ~ Tim Woodward ...more

Nobody Likes A Quitter, Mr. Senator

Finally!  Idaho is starting to get some recognition in the political arena.  We're moving up and beyond potatoes and skin-head fame with our own politicians' headlong diving into the swirling germ-infested hot tub that is coming to be almost comically (sadly) expected of them. I was beginning to worry that New Jersey was going to hog the spotlight forever. Yesterday, our very own Senator McGee resigned his position amid rumors of a sexual h...more

Snowcapped Sunset

I have an article/blog post that I've been wanting to write for almost two weeks now, and this weekend was going to be it. I was finally going to fight back the chaos of my apartment and give it the time and attention it deserves ... And then I got a cold. So, instead I'm going to treat you to a sunset view from my apartment window. The light was captured in the clouds just right, so I couldn't resist....more
Thanks so much! :) @victorias_viewmore

Snowcovered Hills

Remember yesterday when I was telling about receiving a young lady's first text? The one that left me teary-eyed? Well, it was a confirmation that she would be joining the Youth group to a Hot Dog Roast that turned into a sledding expedition. Why am I telling you this? Well, this is where we went sledding. (Ummm ... the kids were in the shady area.) ...more
Glad you enjoyed it. Thank you for your kind words! @librajennmore

When Love Harms

"The practice of love can be expressed in one sentence: ‘Do not harm others’." - H.H. the Dalai Lama, (tweeted August 22, 2011)Last month was a sad time at my alumni campus, the University of Idaho. Ernesto Bustamante - known as Professor B, or simply 'E', murdered a graduate student by the name of Katy Benoit with his .45 calibre handgun outside of her home, shooting her over a dozen times in the throat and chest before barricading himself in a local hotel room and killing himself....more
The government glosses over mental illness because they don't want to be responsible when ...more

The Dr. OZ Show!!

Dr. OZ is kind and warm. What a great Dr. ...more

Planned Black Parenthood

"When the history of our civilization is written, it will be a biological history, and Margaret Sanger will be its heroine," Gloria Steinem wrote in Time. ...more

There is no excuse for how that call went, but on the face of it it seems to indicate nothing ...more