5 Minutes to a Supercharged Brainstorm

When a runner gets ready for a race, he doesn’t just stroll up to the start line and go. No. He stretches, he jogs a few laps, he gets limber. You can do the mental equivalent for brainstorming–a mental warm-up. By spending just a few minutes getting your brain charged up, you can boost your brainstorming results. Here are my three favorite ways to warm up for a brainstorm, in five minutes or less. ...more
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Inspiring Innovative Ideation Meetings

As a leader, do you want to harness the innovative spirit of your company? Then look no further than how you are conducting your ideation sessions.There are four main barriers that get in the way of innovative thinking during an ideation session. 1.Stifling employee input and ideas 2. Limiting the range of employee diverse experience attending the meeting 3. Employee’s fear of risk-taking and expressing  4. Lack of fun...more