On the Fourth Path Out of Infertility

It's disconcerting to be verbally attacked for the way I'm living my life.  It happened again last week. This time the particular individual was so intent on making sure I knew what she thought of me she left the same long-winded diatribe on three different sites where I've contributed articles or perspectives. She even invested the time to create new accounts on two different sites that required membership to comment simply to blast me.  Twisted, no? (Be forewarned: she may show up in the comments here, in which case she'd be four for four -- and bona fide obsessive.)...more

I want to thank you for sharing your experience.  I want to know there are options out ...more

Ready For My Close Up (and Infertility Discussion)

The New Year is only three days in and I'm already marking it with a new first -- my television debut tomorrow, Jan 4, but the prep started in 2009:Hair cut and colored. CheckTeeth whitened. CheckTalking points ready. Check...more

Our Next Guest: An Infertile Woman

My, my...how times have changed. Two years ago I could barely summon the courage to acknowledge at a BlogHer holiday meetup that I blogged about infertility. Now, I'm practically wearing a sash. ...more

Anna Deavere Smith "Lets Us Down Easy" in the Health Care Debate

"When I hear the official language [of the health care debate] it makes me suppose that this is a time when we need a lot more art that's not going to have answers that are in black and white. " Anna Deavere Smith to Bill Moyers, November 13, 2009 ...more

Well America may well as I have said previously begining to have to discuss the other as ...more

a new identity

When asked how I identify, I have a neat, packaged answer to whip out.  Somewhere between all the conversations about life, workshops on race and privilege, discourses about activism, and community work, the question has come up so often that it's almost old news to me.  I have a list ready to rattle off and an identity ready for every category.  I even have my identities categorized into a flow chart in my own mind: political versus personal/cultural, claimed on principle versus personally, etc.  My dad calls himself a "soup freak" because of his love of soup....more

Food bloggers to be friends with

This weekend at BlogHer Food I met some amazing bloggers. At lunch I gossiped with Sassymonkey and her friend the marine scientist who was carrying around a crocheted lobster, whose name and blog I wish I knew! At lunch, Mrs. L from Pages, Pucks, and Pantry and Karen from Cook4Seasons were sitting next to me. Mrs. L writes about scrapbooking, hockey, and food, a great combination! ...more

There's no gossip like lobster gossip. ;)


BlogHer of the Week: Shinyung from Kimchi Mamas

As I started reading the post, All In a Name..., by Shinyung from Kimchi Mamas, I found it all too familiar. Shinyung tells the story of when she was a girl and her family moved from a high-rise apartment in Flushing, Queens to a Houston suburb. Shinyung sees it as a chance for a fresh start, and a real opportunity to live a life like those lived in Judy Blume books. Including... ...more

I know so many people with similar stories. In fact, my best friend in high school was an Eliza ...more

enCouragingBliss: Homage to Twelve

It was at the age of twelve that I began the process of taking my creative self and hiding her away... There is much made of recent studies that show that girls around twelve years old start to ignore and do poorly in the subjects of math and science, but I think perhaps there is something deeper and darker going on that has little to do with specific educational subjects and more to do with Self and Identity. ...more