How do you get Super Star Justin Bieber to visit a Hospitalized 5 year old?

While generally features posts with a humorous angle, I occasionally write posts which fall under the category "No Laughing Matter"....more
@laughingmom I know the location and it is close. So I guess that is why I am surprised that he ...more

Minors and Microphones

It seems another star is born with the latest singing sensation, Heather Russell.  She’s 10 years old and was apparently discovered by Simon Cowell on YouTube.  I listened to her sing this morning on the news (she’s everywhere today) and, yes, she can definitely sing.  I guess, although, in my opinion, she’s just parroting what she’s heard – I can mimic Britney Spears, too, but that doesn’t make me her....more

American Idol : Judges, Contestants and the Georgia Girl

        After last week I wasn’t sure if the trio of judges would work for me. However after the last two nights of American Idol I have to admit I like the freshness of the show....more