31 Days, 32 Revelations: The Distraction of Ignorance

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You know I got to thinking about how valuable FREE SPEECH is…..and how we are so blessed as a country to have the ability to say exactly what we feel even when others may consider it ignorant or disagree…..So when do we draw the line between ignorance and Free Speech or do we draw it at all? I personally feel free speech is free speech. If someone is truly offended and doesn’t like it then they should be entitled to also respond…..with free speech…..The moment we shut up the “ignorant” person’s viewpoints then we are shutting up Free Speech…..Is that right?...more

NaBloPoMo Day 10: False knowledge, is it more dangerous than ignorance?

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I Confess: I'm Prejudiced (And Ashamed of It)

I was at the grocery store one day and got in line behind a woman I recognized as the mom of a girl in my son’s kindergarten class. She had a pile of produce in front of her, and the cashier was holding a few Women, Infant, and Children (WIC) checks, which I realized are food stamps. The cashier told me to go to another check stand, because “this is gonna take awhile.”...more
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If you win a battle of wits with an unarmed person, does it still count as a "win"?

I have many friends. They are sprinkled throughout the political spectrum like a busted bag of Skittles on a kitchen floor. Some of them have even slid under the great refrigerator of apathy. However, my friends all have two thing in common: they are smart and they are well informed. I eschew dipshits just as I do asshats and twatwaffles. It’s how I roll....more

Give an Inch and Take a Mile...

Whenever I can, I try to help folks out. I guess it is, kind of, in my nature. There is a fine line of helping someone because they need your help and then having them turn around and say that’s great, but this is what I did because I think it would help me out more than what you are doing. Really? And you called me in the first place for what? ...more

Stupid is as stupid does

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Abusive Ignorance

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I'm New to Being a Parent of a Student

Originally from Danielle Elwood Dot ComThis is Camden… he is four. He is also my oldest child. Everyone say Hi to Camden!Now that all the new readers who don’t know about him are introduced let me get on with the point of my post....more

A Jacked-up system makes for messy childcare....

I am not one to get on soap-boxes (typically), but there is so much ignorance about Childcare. I love that there is a department that makes it their business to see that children are kept safe.  I love that there are rules that people have to follow in order to be "licensed".  Rules are important.  Rules save lives and keep kids safe. But, please understand that rules for the sake of rules and taken out of context niether protect children, nor reflect accurately what happens in a facility....more