Dear Men: Ignoring You Does Not Make Me a Bitch

Let’s start with an anecdote about the time I gave out my number to a guy when I didn’t actually want to.It was last Monday. I walked into a Starbucks, and a man behind me in line asked if I had any suggestions on what he should order. I answered his question. Then, I grabbed my coffee and left to meet a friend....more

Ignoring Them

"Ignoring what they said, Jesus told him, 'Don't be afraid, just believe.'" (Mark 5:36) Did you catch that, friends? "Ignoring what they said"... ...more

Are We Losing Friendships Over Social Media?

What would never happen in the face-to-face world happens without thought online daily. Of course, the rules for social interactions can't always carry over from the face-to-face world into the Internet; we just don't have the emotional bandwidth to read and respond to dozens (or for some people, hundreds) of status updates daily. And most updates don't carry with them emotional weight. But major life news, accomplishments, losses, emotional anniversaries -- these have the potential to bring out a lot of hurt feelings when we can see that our words were heard but elicited no response. ...more
Personally, I never expect someone to react a certain way to things I post on Facebook, or stuff ...more

"Out of Site"

Mk. 1:21-28 The man with the "unclean spirit," was there in the midst of the people.  When society removes the "unclean spirits", Jesus is put out of site as well. Last night, in the cold, dampness of night I tended to people under blankets, in the doorways, and the alleys of Polk, people walking by having fun, not even seeing them. Our leaders mention homelessness and mental illness so seldom, and our society seems so self consumed with itself--if only we would put the people with the unclean spirits in our midst--think about what that would do for us, and our own well being....more