Line Toe-ers, Line Jumpers, and Line Benders

I've always been good at toeing the line. I know exactly where it is at all times, and can follow it exactly. Perhaps that's why I'm so good at formulaic writing and formulaic math, while my line jumping son is so good at conceptual math. You probably wonder what I'm talking about right now. Let me explain. ...more

More American Than You

Recently, I've been hearing a lot of anti-immigration buzz and most notably in the form of a particular email forward. The message lists several countries and reveals the punishments that they impose on those who cross into their territories illegally....more

Gwenn, I agree and disagree... I live in AZ - so this is a little bit of a HOT topic! And, in ...more

Lawmakers Move to Deny Citizenship to US-Born Children of Undocumented Immigrants

If a small but vocal group of state and congressional lawmakers have their way, being born in the United States will no longer guarantee American citizenship. These legislators want to require that parents prove that they are in the US legally before their American-born children will be issued birth certificates.  ...more

Nordette, thanks for the additional historical context.

Melissa, I suspect that you are ...more

America's Embrace of Fascism

There’s a lot of the world socialism being thrown around these days. However, the US couldn’t be farther away from socialism. That’s because it’s actually fascist....more

How Do You Feel About Arizona's New Immigration Law?

A recent Arizona law allows Arizona police to question and to even arrest people about whom they have a "reasonable suspicion" regarding their immigration status. According to the New York Times: It requires police officers, “when practicable,” to detain people they reasonably suspect are in the country without authorization and to verify their status with federal officials, unless doing so would hinder an investigation or emergency medical treatment. The law also makes not carrying immigration papers a state crime —- a misdemeanor. In addition, it allows people to sue local government or agencies if they believe federal or state immigration law is not being enforced. ...more

My sister lived for 5 years in El Salvador and travelled throughout Latin America to places like ...more

Arizona's new law pits patriotism against capitalism

Will patriotism or capitalism win out in the new war on illegal immigration? Battleground Arizona passed legislation this week to thwart illegal immigration at the cost of big business. ...more

Living on (Borrowed) Tulsa Time

Starting on 1 November 2007 if you hire, house or even give a ride to an undocumented worker, you can go to a prison for up to a year in Oklahoma. Say what? Continued at ...more

Lack of Florida jobs driving Mexicans to Canada; Windsor mayor blames U.S. immigration policy

COMMENTARY A story in the Canadian newspaper The Windsor Star suggests Mexicans seeking refuge in the City of Windsor are doing so because of U.S. immigration policy. "I don't believe that Windsor's residents and taxpayers should have to foot the bill for U.S. immigration policy," Mayor Eddie Francis told The Star. The paper says Francis believes the crackdown on immigration policy has caused workers to migrate north from Southwest Florida. There are a number of other factors as well, confirmed by a displaced worker the paper interviewed. ...more