The Great Lakes vs. the Asian Carp: A Fight for Survival

This week, the U.S. Supreme Court rejected Michigan's request to immediately close shipping structures near Chicago to prevent Asian carp, a destructive invasive species, from infesting the Great Lakes. Illinois cheered the decision. Hours later, carp DNA was found in Lake Michigan so Wisconsin and Michigan demand the O administration do something. Meanwhile, Louisiana fights the unwelcome fish the best way they know how: with a frying pan. ...more

Good point about the Zebra Mussels. At least there is a more obvious plus to that story and ...more


No, I don't think I'm hard of hearing. But a lot of what I'm hearing is hard to believe. Hence I've been saying, "What????" far too often. The housing, insurance and banking industries need bailing out because they were forced to grant loans to people who didn't qualify for expensive homes. WHAT? If anybody was forced it was greed that forced them to do what common sense had to be telling them was a stupid thing to do. ...more

The Company You Keep

One of the Snapper’s friends (we’ll call him Max) showed up at our house last night, just in time for dinner.  I said sure—with Wally at college we usually have enough food left over to feed a small army.  ...more

The Levees Broke

Recently, there has been a hefty bit of flooding in the Midwest. No fewer than 19 levees have broken according the Army Corps of Engineers. Tons of workers have tried to pile sandbags in hope of pushing back the ...more

Like I mentioned, I live in a storm alley it seems (on an island in the Atlantic) and we get ...more