First Six Steps after a Celiac Diagnosis

My three year celiac disease anniversary snuck up on me as quickly as the disease itself. Likely because it was the middle of finals week, I actually didn't even notice my celiac anniversary on May 3....more

When work is the escape...

I have never been more thankful that I gave up teaching than I am today. If I were a teacher, I would not be heading to work. Instead, I would be living the life fantastic -- cleaning and cooking and preparing for Thursday's big bash at my leisure. Lucky me! I get to go to work. (I am not being sarcastic.)...more

When My Husband Was Hospitalized, I Learned the Truth About 'In Sickness and In Health'

My husband was hospitalized during the last week of April for seven days.  He was dealing with issues concerning his heart, liver and kidneys.  We were married in August 2010.  This was the first time that either of us has been hospitalized since our wedding.  I learned a lot about him during that time.  I also learned a lot about being a caregiver and the issues surrounding that role.  Here are some of the insights that I gained, and continue to gain as I help him as he recuperates:...more
Excellent post! My husband is a 2x combat vet with multiple TBIs and PTSD. Sadly, the number of ...more

Cold and flu season...no joke.

Can't breathe.Can't blow anything out.Can't see for tears.Hot, hot breath. Freezing. So cold. Can't breathe.I drawA pictureOn the insideOf my eyelids.Like dot to dotOf body partsThat ache. Neck.Shoulders.Elbow.Wrists.Back.Hips. Advil. I need Advil.Gingerale <3A love affair.Soothing flavour.Can't talk.Sure sign for me. Missed a friend's retirement party....more

The painted room.

She wanted to do some painting in her house.  We went and looked at paint colors.She chose some lovely tones.It would look great with her decor. She had never painted before.  I was going to help her.  ...more

The disease.

Her health became an issue.Jaw surgery was only the start. Carpal tunnel surgery was done on both of her wrists at the same time....I have a picture of her naked in the tub with her arms wrapped for protection over her head!  It was during a fun time in her life. She was prepping for her wedding and now was rendered useless as she couldn’t do anything. I wrote her invitations for her and complained the whole time! ...more

The birth.

They looked exactly alike. It was like she had been shrunk and placed inside the incubator. It was amazing.  It was not like meeting a stranger...I knew her.  I couldn’t take my eyes off her face.  I.  Loved. Her.  Instantly.  Slowly, with incredible reluctance, I looked down her body.Why?  Why couldn’t her baby just be perfect? ...more

PSA: Listen To Your Body!

Show of hands: how many of you listen to your body? Uh-huh. Same here. Over the years I have been a pretty stubborn person when it comes to going to the doctor. I’m not talking about physicals and womanly checkups and such. Those I do, no problem. What I mean is, when something out-of-the-ordinary comes up, I typically dig my heels in for as long as possible (Queen of Denial) rather than call my doctor. I usually make the call once Jim and I get into an argument discussion about how hard-headed I am. ...more
So true!  I found a lump two months after a  mammogram.  It was cancer.  Listen to your body!!more

What is Prayer?

I got a call earlier in the week about a dear friend who is in the hospital.She is very sick and her family has gathered.In the middle of the night my eyes popped open and her name was on my brain."You have to be okay. You just have to be okay."I lay there for a while and thought about my pitiful attempts at prayer. I'm not good at saying prayers. Traditional approaches and well meaning teachers have not had great success with me.I thought it might be time to practice meditation, but my mind wouldn't quiet. I am cursed with a writer's too busy brain....more
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