Five On Friday a la February

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Remembering Madeline

I most recently visited the delightful Madeline exhibit at the New York Historical Society and thought I'd share a few of Ludwig Bemelmans's illustrations (author and illustrator of all the Madeline books). A few fun facts about Bemelmans….he immigrated to the US from Austria in the early 20th century and it was here that he was inspired to the write the story about a little orphan girl in Paris....more


I was introduced to American artist and illustrator Charley Harper by a designer friend who gave us his lovely ABC and 123 books as a gift on the arrival of our first son. I was immediately taken by his style and declared that the books were far too advanced for our newborn and I’d keep them safe to give to him later. Well, I have to admit this was over 2 years ago now and he’s still not allowed to play with them....more