Celebrities. And Down Syndrome. We're Just Like You.

Celebrities. We need gas. We need groceries. Our kids want to go to the park. We push them on the swings. Sure there are some divas, but a lot of celebrities are pretty down to earth. And it’s the same for families with Down syndrome.Celebrities. And Down syndrome. We’re just like you.We’re in line at Starbucks. You see us. We see you see us. We see the stare that lasts a half second too long. You look away. But you’ll look again. You have to. You have to be sure of what you’re seeing. Something at once familiar and new.Wait? Is that…?...more

What does a mirror really tell us?

A mirror is a fairly recent invention. Primitive people must have seen their reflection in the dark, still water of a stream or pool. Imagine the shock when a face seemed to peer back at them from below the depths. Of course, everything reflects in an opposite way, but not having seen themselves before, they wouldn't know their mole should have been under their left eye, not their right....more

What's the Thing About Beauty?

this is a random post but came about to me one day and i couldn’t stop writing it all down – so enjoy the randomness:...more

The Naked Lady

I stepped out of the shower, dropped my towel, and caught a glimpse of my body in the mirror.  Not a spring chicken anymore but not quite an old bird either.  Somewhere in the middle, I guess.  The body I saw did have a lot of middle to look at and too many imperfections to count.  I’ll try anyway....more

4 Reasons to Always Use an Image with Your Post

Flip back through the archived posts on my blog, and you’ll see that the images are few and far between. I’m a word person, thank you very much. It’s how my thoughts take shape and where the force of my meaning naturally settles. Images don’t really resonate for me. So when I started Creative Juicer, I figured, I’d just put my words out there. The problem is, the marketer side of me knows better. And if I stop and pay attention, most of the most successful writers’ blogs I know, like The Write Practice, include an image with every post. Images matter. A lot. ...more
krisellaneous Members can't add images to the story tile teasers. That's something that is only ...more

Girls Play Hockey

Certain animal species experience a phenomenon called imprinting where, for example, ducklings upon coming out of their eggs will follow and become attached to the first moving object that they encounter. Imprinting is a powerful combination of instinctive behavior and environmental influences. In humans, psychologists refer to this as bonding....more

12 Things Not to Do at Work

We get a paycheck for the work we do, and sometimes we are fortunate enough to receive a pat on the back and a thank you. In the workplace, there is usually a diverse mix of people that create the culture and energy to which we spend most of our day. If everyone had the same high values and bought in to an environment of excellence, there would be more harmony and pride in what we do. With that said, here are some of the DO NOTs....more
BlogHer I really liked #12 :) It's missed by a lot of people these days. Too much trust on ...more

Wordless for Fall NaBloPoMo

@Denise Thank you Denise!  I thought it was too, very peaceful and serene....You do have a good ...more

Time For Change

I am standing in the middle of Ross Park Mall, fighting the urge to cry. Tonight is a national event, Mom's Nite Out. I should be having fun and smiling, but I am struggling.You all have heard the Abercrombie bull that went down this week. This here blog won't be linking to that mess, because more media is just what the selfish company wants. But I don't buy it that A&F is alone....more

Creating Balance In Food and Life

I've been doing a lot of thinking about balance lately. Balance in life, in food, at work, in relationships. It really is the key to everything. What sparked all this was two simple question I continue to get, especially lately: "Are you a vegan?" and "Are you gluten free?" The simple answer is, "No, I'm a vegetarian and have been for more than a decade, but I have a gluten intolerance." The complicated answer is, "well, kinda of." ...more
Thanks, gals! I wish everyone were as understand as you two :)more