How to Guarantee Your Posts are Shared on Social Media

I have been implementing a new social media strategy which focuses on sharing the work of others, especially on Twitter. I love reading your posts, articles and stories, but sometimes I am unable to share them. If you want your work to be given its best chance to be seen by a wide audience you might want to pay attention to the following areas. ...more
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Adding Text to Images in PicMonkey

As bloggers, we all want our posts to be full of beautiful images that are ready for Pinterest! This means we need to add some text to them in a way that is pleasing to the eye. I own Photoshop … but know what I use now? PicMonkey. It's free, and it's so easy that I can edit a photo there faster than I can get one of those expensive programs to load on my computer. Let's get started!...more
I recently started using PicMonkey and love it. I found your posting to be helpful too. It's a ...more

How to Create Roll Over Images for Your Blog

I know I’ve been doing a lot of design tutorials lately. This will (probably) be the last one for a while. So today, let’s talk about roll over images.What is a roll-over image?A roll over image is an image that changes when you hover your mouse over it. For instance, look at my social media icons in the left-hand sidebar. They’re yellow, right? (Yes, they are.) Move your mouse over to them and see what happens. They should turn blue. That, in a nutshell, is a roll-over image....more

Mental Fitness: The Dangerous Image of Olivia Pope

Most images of Black women in the media are negative. Those images can do damage to a Black woman's self esteem if she does not have a favorable view of herself. If you do not agree with my contention about the media's negative portrayal of Black women, watch a few music videos. These negative images are broadcast throughout the globe....more

How to Optimize Marketing Images for Facebook Graph Search

If you use Facebook to market your business, it can feel like things change so fast that you don't even realize you're behind! This post from Little Tech Girl helps you optimize images for the new Facebook Graphic Search in this post. ...more

Basic SEO for Images, Videos, Vlogs, and Podcasts

In my first post on SEO basics, Getting Started with SEO: Some Basic Principles, I touched briefly on why SEO for images is important....more
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Make Your Blog Sizzle with the Right Images

As a marketer, you also take on the role of a storyteller. This is because your audience needs to be pulled in, in addition to being encouraged to engage with your business. One great way to engage your audience quickly and tell a story, is with images. Your blog is a perfect place to utilize images as a story. I was on #blogchat, a well respected tweetchat last Sunday and the topic was “Images for you blog.” I walked away from this great chat with plenty of tips for bloggers who use images to enhance their blogs....more

Adding a Watermark to Your Instagram Images

The rise of Pinterest has made bloggers increasingly aware of the importance of watermarking images. Not only does watermarking images protect against theft, it also makes viewers of the image aware of where the content originated. Watermarking is not a fool-proof protection, but it is a good start. Image courtesy Laine Griffin...more
tferriss instagram If you watermark your images with your URL or username, it's not poaching, ...more

Justin Timberlake Backs New Photo Tagging Company Stipple it

Fashionistas, clothing companies, and ecommerce sites may soon go ga ga over the newest photo tagging technology called Stipple., funded by big investors such as Justin Timberlake, offers four main types of services: Lens, Pipeline, Network, & Want.  Lens enables photo agencies to gain more revenue capabilities for their images.  The site also provides analytics services to help agencies monitor traffic and pinpoint their most profitable images....more

Evolution of some paintings

Evolution of some paintings I am cooking less as you can see and i am more deeply creating images.Here is my later work, some early images that i modified, some that i continue creating. ...more