Snapshots in Sepia

I've always loved capturing images in sepia. It's nostalgic, classic - almost like a little black dress. Whenever my pictures don't seem to convey what I'm truly seeing with my eye, I switch to sepia and it transports it to a peaceful interpretation....more

Those images worth a thousand soundbites: new White House Vlog

With its new, weekly video log -- "West Wing Week" -- the Obama administration is offering a pearl beyond price (no sarcasm intended), it seems to me. ...more

Miss USA Pics More Playboy than Pageant

Have you checked out the new Miss USA contestant pics? They’re a little, well, sexy. Typically, Miss USA pics are usually a little more tame, usually brighter and focused on the girls face. See pics here from 2009. But the new images show the contestants in black and white poised in highly suggestive positions, hair a tangled mess, pouting and crawling toward the camera. ...more

Shoania, Bollywood aur Woh: some (weighty) reflections

Shoania, Bollywood aur Woh:  some (weighty) reflections  ...more

Food Photography Through A New Lens

I have spent a good portion of my life trying to balance out time for creative work and time for work that actually pays the bills, fitting in art and writing at the edges. I write stories on planes, in that window of time when people have gathered around a conference room table but a meeting has not yet started, in the mornings before work when most people I know are still asleep. I carry my camera everywhere, shoot whenever I can, and process photos late at night because there's no other time to do it. ...more

Deana, yes -- there's definitely a minimum distance that each lens can handle. Some of what you ...more

Same neural code in brain aids in visual and auditory processing   Scientists can now show that the same neural code in the brain allows people to distinguish b/n different types of sound and different types of images. fMRIs showed that the brain encodes sounds and images using the same strategy, making it easier for people to combine the two that belong to the same image. The example they use is the sound and sight of a basketball dribbling, but I'm thinking about it in terms of reading - letters being visually processed while the sound of the letter(s) is being played.   ...more

[an introduction]

I think that introductions necessitate, so I'm going to try my best to live up to my own expectations. My adventure with photography began in 2005, and since getting my first camera in 2006 I haven't looked back. Like all good things in life- cooking, fashion, writing, etc.- photography takes creativity, passion, and a degree of talent. Admittedly, a two and a half year old Kodak- which is little more than a glorified point and shoot with manual settings- does not scream National Geographic quality images. ...more

Image Opinions Pleeeease....

I recently posted on my blog looking for thumbnail image opinions....I have a retail website, and I am thinking of updating my thumbnails.  I would love some eyes to look at the samples and LMK what you think.  Of course, you are welcome to read the rest of my blog, or even visit my website, but really and truly, I just want some opinions.  Please check out my Thumbnail Dilem ...more

Your comment was HUGELY helpful.  After looking at the same thumbnails for 9 ...more