My Childhood Imaginary Friend (Alternative Title: Proof That I've Been An Odd Bird For Quite Some Time)

My parents got a video camera when my younger brother was a baby in 1985, so there are a lot of videos of us when we were growing up. They didn’t just whip that ten pound mass of equipment out on special occasions like holidays and birthdays, but took tons of footage of lazy afternoons and diaper changes. I’m grateful for this because now that I have C, I know that those everyday occurrences are where the gold is hidden. While you’re supposed to remember holiday traditions, you find that the memories that stick around are the ones that you make when you least expect it....more

Where is My Imaginary Friend When I Need It?

I always wished that I had an imaginary friend.  I was an inventive child, but not like the imaginative kids that conjure up a playmate to keep them company, become their partner in crime and their confidante.  Imaginary friends are golden.  They are always available to come out and play and they selflessly will take the fall for any misdeeds or mischief that is a prerequisite to having a good time.  Even better, they know you better than you know yourself. Continued reading at ...more

Twins and Imaginary Friends: When Three or More is Not a Crowd

My daughter's imaginary friend came to live with us when she was three, making the room she shared with her twin brother a bit cramped. ...more

I wonder if anyone has ever studied whether youngest children have imaginary friends more often ...more

Hey,Look at the Fat Girl!

Let me preface this by saying, I am so paranoid about my girls developing body issues that if you ask them ,"What are you?" Their standard answer, with absolutely no conceit, is, "Perfection!" Or as Bella likes to say ,"Perfectional!" I am trying to raise them to know that they are perfect as is; to know that people come in all shapes, sizes,and colors and we are all of the same worth. We are all the perfect us that we are suppose to be.I stress this point to them. ...more

Mommy, You Sat On Luke (again)!

  At the age of 3, my son Jaden, had a friend named Luke. Everywhere we went, Luke wasn’t far behind. In the morning, Luke was there while my son was getting ready for school. In the afternoon, Luke was sitting right next to him while he was doing his homework. It was Luke, who drew a smiley face of the living room wall. It was also Luke, who was responsible for spilling a gallon of milk one day. ...more

Lizzy, the youngest in the blended family of six, had an imaginary friend named Juice. Juice P ...more

Imaginary friends

When I was about 10 years old, I overheard my then-5-year-old sister talking in her bedroom.  I wandered in to see who was visiting. There was nobody there. "Natalie, who are you talking to?" "My friends," she said nonchalantly. "Umm... what friends?" I asked, looking around at the empty room. "My friends," she said impatiently. "Over there," she said pointing to nothing in particular. "Oooh," I said, not understanding at all.  "Your friends.  Over there.  And what are your friends' names?" "Cob and Laytit Sassis," she responded, not skipping a beat.  Then she returned to combing her Barbie doll's hair.   ...more

Me and Neesie by Eloise Greenfield (I hope it's still in print) is a delightful book about a ...more