Can "Playing House" Sound Too Much Like Real Life?

My children have a friend that we see quite regularly. Recently, though, I have noticed that on EVERY occasion the pretend play revolves around playing house. Normally, this would be fine, however, the "couple" (sometimes a princess dating a race car or a regular family with baby doll children) seem to be rather whiny and fussy towards one another. I feel that I might be hearing private conversations from this child's house. Am I being overly concerned about this area of imaginary play? Should I just leave them alone? I’m just worried that the neighbor child, who is rather young, is overly concerned with boy/girl relationships. Or is that normal?...more
I love the humor in your posts!more

Conversations with Charlie - more Super Heros

This took place a few weeks ago. I was working in the kitchen while Charlie was playing in the kitchen, Hubby’s office, and the family room. The various Super Heros were quite busy that day. Here are snippets of what all I heard that afternoon as Charlie was playing.Background – Iron Man, the Hulk, Spider Man, The Bad Guy Spider Man (aka Venom), Wolverine, Blue Beetle and other assorted Good Guys were riding on Iron Man’s Rolling HQ vehicle. They were driving all over the house having adventures. Iron Man was driving....more
Chuckles! It sounds like he having a blast with all of his favorite super heroes!more