Definition of DAYDREAM : a pleasant visionary usually wishful creation of the imagination   Daydreaming has always been an escape for me-that and books....more

How to Foster and Encourage Creativity and Imagination

Before I had kids (you know, when I was a perfect parent) I had grand ideas of all the ways I was going to foster and encourage creativity and imagination in my children. Then I had two boys. And the game changed.Not that I think boys are any more or less creative than girls, but they have tested my notions of what I should do to fuel their brains. Of course, reading and reading and reading and reading is good for any kid – boy or girl. But beyond that, I have had to readjust my strategies....more

Stumbling Upon Effortless Joy on a Backyard Investigation

“I guess I am just not going to have an investigation today.” There was no guile, it was simply the youngest in the pack knowing when her sisters can’t be persuaded. She began to use one foot to nudge a Croc off by the sliding glass door. I set the dish towel down, turned the oven off and said, “You know what? I feel like investigating. Can you show me how?” ...more
Beautiful. It is often so hard to disconnect from our adult/parent tasks and just BE with our ...more

The dream was so real

Last night I had such a vivid dream, it felt so real. I was so relieved when I woke up and realized it was only a dream and that it hadn’t really happened. I burst into tears right there in my bed and shoved my face into my pillow. The dream, I just can’t shake the dream. I don’t want to talk about it in detail because I don’t want to even put a breath of truth to it....more

When Kids Speak the Truth: "You Never Play!"

As we were getting ready for school and work this morning my 5-year-old daughter out of the blue exclaimed, “I’m always going to play even when I’m a grown up. You never play.” Ouch. Reality really does bite, especially coming from an observant preschooler. I don’t really play enough and her comment got me thinking about what I was like as a child....more

Roxy the... What?!

Meet Birdie's friend Roxy.See Roxy sit?  Sit, Roxy, sit....more

I Travel the World Through Books; I Enter Into the Wildly Unimagined!

What better way to see the world than by becoming a traveler through books. In reading, I have journeyed the world over and experienced unimaginable wonders: I’ve seen and heard; I’ve smelled and tasted; and I can go and stay for as long as my heart fancies. I have seen the unthinkable, tasted the unimaginable, and heard the rare and exquisite. When I read I can warp through time and become whomever and whatever I want. Reading is my passport to endless destinations; it is a delightful ride on a magic carpet!...more
@ropcorn  The book about Lady Almina is wonderful, but it tells you a lot of history about the ...more

Terrific Tuesday - Imagination

Terrific Tuesday - I love my imagination, it is terrific....more