I read the obits

I admit it. I read the obituaries. I’m not retired and I’m not feeling old. I’m not fascinated with death and I am not morbid. My mother and father read the obituaries regularly....more

It sounds like you are having an extremely stressful week. I hope everything goes well with your ...more

I'm the jelly mixed in with the peaNUTs and BUTher sandwich generation

Another weekend spent with my parents 5th one in two months. Mom got sick and my sister and I rallied to fly/drive to help out my father with her recovery over the past few months. Mom is feeling much better feistiness is back in full swing "Nobody asked you to come...we're doing fine". My father can't hear well but won't admit it and occasionally he'll say "Shhhh Shhhhhh you are sooooo loud" I liken his behavior to an elderly dog who can't hear or see and just snaps at you just because he isn't sure what is going on....more