"We Were Strangers Once, Too." The President, Immigration, and Me

Last night, I turned on the television to prepare for Scandal and saw the President (Obama, not Fitz) talking about immigration. Did you watch it, too? If you didn’t catch it, here is the whole thing from C-Span (it was just 15 minutes).There were a few things that he said which reminded me of my own family and how we got here. It reminded me why my parents immigrated and why so many others immigrated here to the United States....more

What I Learned From A Decade of Being Away From Home

The other night, I dreamt I was back in the Philippines, visiting.  I was walking in the same halls I used to walk when I taught in University.  There were the usual groups of students seated on the floor, by their professor's door, waiting for consultation hours to begin.  It was the same dimly-lit and almost claustrophobic faculty center which I used to call my office building.  It was far from being ideal, but it was home to me, and represented a job I loved and truly enjoyed....more

Why I’m Joining the Women’s Fast for Families and Immigration Reform

I'm joining one hundred other women in Washington D.C. to fast for immigration reform. It's that important to me and many other women and families. ...more
I am so proud to see Women stand up for what they believe in! It makes me feel good to see that ...more

I Married For Love, Not A Green Card

I took my son for a haircut last week. I hadn't met the hairdresser before. After a little bit of chit-chat, she asked me where I came from and how I ended up here. This is a question I get asked all the time; I have an accent that immediately gives me away. In the last decade, my story has changed. It is getting longer and more challenging to sum up in a few polite sentences....more
CatB478 I think it's perfectly fine to ask where people come from! I am curious as well, even if ...more

Why We Got Arrested: Women and Immigration Reform

“There are more women than we thought.”...more
Congratulations for all women fighting for what they believe! You are a model for ...more

The Steel Between Us

Lisa Nolan...more