The Vulnerable Alien Wife: Beyond Mail-Order Brides

Foreigners have to fill out a million forms and file a thousand petitions when they come to the United States through marriage, but rarely are they given the required information about what their rights are or what legal recourse they have should things go terribly wrong -- and certainly never are they given a handbook about what is legally acceptable behavior in a marriage. ...more
@PolPrairieMama, there are! Please keep me posted and let me know whether I can do anything else ...more

Voting, then Buying a Handgun

My husband and I did two things on election day. First, we voted, dropping off our ballots at the country courthouse.  Then we drove up to Kirkland to buy a handgun.  Oh, yeah, we voted for Barack Hussein Obama and Christine Gregoire.  First time in his life he voted straight Democrat, first time he ever voted for a Democrat for President. We would have stayed up watching the election returns and drinking champagne, except that the situation the country is in is too grave for that. ...more

Florida organization says cough up bucks, become a Native American

Only in Florida (well, maybe California too). An organization named Universal Service Dedicated to God will let you join the Pembina Nation Little Shell for a “gifting of $150 to cover our expenses and pay for a background search.” Read more at Covering Florida ...more