Terrorism Creeps into Immigration Debate, Diverting the Focus From the Positives

Last week, announcement of the long-awaited immigration reform bill by the Senate’s bipartisan Gang of Eight was overshadowed by the Boston Marathon bombing. Shortly after the official press conference announcing the proposal, some sought to tie terrorism into the immigration debate. On Friday, Senator Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) said...more
It's unfortunate that the Boston event, as tragic as it was, may be used as a red herring that ...more

The Role of Social Workers in Immigration

As social workers, it is our responsibility to provide services to marginalized populations in our communities. Among these marginalized groups, there is one in particular that can often be difficult to reach: undocumented immigrants. Unfortunately, this is a population with dire needs for the exact services social workers have to offer.Problems Confronting Undocumented Immigrants...more


Dear I am Amna from pakistan.Nice to get to know you through your piece of writing.I have left ...more

Supreme Court Strikes Down Most of Arizona's SB 1070

In a victory for the Obama Administration -– or is it the Republicans? –- the U.S. Supreme Court rejected most of Arizona’s SB 1070 anti-immigration law, while upholding the most controversial “show me your papers” clause, one week after President Obama announced that his administration will stop deporting some young undocumented immigrants....more
I think they are a bunch of idiots for upholding Citizens United.more

Mitt, Marco, and the DREAM Act

Originally posted at www.moderndaypearls.com....more

How Asian Voters Could Swing the Election

What is the fastest growing racial demographic -- particularly in key swing states, that is keenly watching hot-button issues such as the economy, immigration and healthcare policy, and could play a key role in determining the outcome of the 2012 presidential election? Asian Americans, of course. What were you thinking? Exactly. ...more
 @Elaine W. Thanks, Elaine! It's something that needs to be said. And we need to keep saying it...more

Obama's Immigration Surprise Throws Romney Under the Bus

Whistle stop train tours date back to early American politics. As the railroads pushed west, so too did politicians. The open platform stump speech or private railcar chats evoke the sort of nostalgia captured during Gov. Mitt Romney's five-day Every Town Counts tour with pictures of the candidate, his wife, and would-be running mates dishing out ice cream and flap jacks. It's the sort of down-home, everyman feel candidates hope helps them connect with voters. It's also the sort of authenticity dogging Romney's personal style since his failed run in 2008....more

Immigration and the B*stard in Me

If you were slapped, whipped, lied on, degraded, threatened, humilated, called a whore from the ages of 12 to 21, then you escaped & went on to live your American dream... you'd have a helluva story to tell. Your name would be Ola*. You started out in America as a child slave trafficked from West Africa to cook, clean & nanny for your cousin's family of 5. You'd be my age now. You'd be my friend & neighbor. Our daughters would be BFFs. ...more
 @Reshmi Hebbar I was able to make a clear connection to the Muslim community with this issue ...more

How Do You Define American? A New Storytelling Project

Last year, I met the new Tech section editor for the Huffington Post, Jose Antonio Vargas. He came from the Washington Post (where he had been part of the Pulitzer Prize-winning team who covered the Virginia Tech shootings), and he wanted to talk about bringing more storytelling and diversity to tech coverage. I loved that, of course....more
lemme know when the topic is how do you define and live womanhood :)more

So You Want to Work in the US? Let the Green Card Maze Begin...

For many, the dream of coming to America in promise of a brighter future is a strong one. The country is a melting pot and from the early days of Ellis Island to now, people come from all walks, races, and countries to contribute to this country. For some, that promise is denied because of the inability to secure a green card. ...more
Such wonderful advice on this topic!  Australia's visa programs seem very similar to America's ...more