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I have this friend Inger.  We met over 20 years ago when both of us were younger and wilder, we met on the road.  By "on the road" I mean that both of us were traveling around, working at Renaissance Festivals for a living.  I always liked her, because she struck me as smart, independent, and fun.  We didn't get too close back then, mostly because neither one of us got 'too close' with anyone back then....more

What an eye opener, Lucretia!! This story sickens me because it's just so sad and unfair. ...more

Final Brown-Whitman Gubernatorial Debate: Did We Learn Anything New?

Partisans for each will tell you Brown or Whitman "won" last night's third and final debate between the California gubernatorial candidates. (There's a good summary of the debate plus video at the LA Times.) But I look at it this way: did we learn anything new about the candidates in their most heated and personal exchange yet? ...more

Thanks for this thoughtful analysis. If I were a CA voter, I would definitely be voting for ...more

Who would Jesus strafe?

A relative has told me that the only way to secure our border is to allow the Border Patrol to shoot to kill. He honestly believes this is OK. He also honestly believes he is a Christian. I’ve heard of prosperity gospel. Perhaps his church teaches hostility gospel. My church doesn’t....more

Debate Over "Birthright Citizenship" Opens Historical Wounds

In May, I wrote about efforts by some state legislators and members of Congress to deny US citizenship to children born in the United States to parents lacking proof of legal US residency.  Now, a prominent Republican Senator, Lindsey Graham, has rankled members of his own party and even prominent anti-immigration activists by suggesting it's time to change the 14th amendment  to the Constitution, which guarantees citizenship to people "born or naturalized in the United States and subject to the jurisdiction thereof."   ...more
You are mistaken. You are required to have your driver's license when driving. Otherwise, we are ...more

Arizona Immigration Law Takes Partial Effect Amid Protests and Legal Wrangling

Protesters in Arizona and elsewhere have spent the day decrying SB1070, Arizona's controversial immigration control law, even though a judge's July 28 ruling barred the enforcement of the measure's most contentious provisions. The U.S. Department of Justice filed a motion for the temporary injunction July 6 as part of its lawsuit. ...more

Obama Speaks On Immigration Reform: Fewer Jobs for Illegal Aliens, Fewer Illegal Aliens

When Barack Obama took the podium at American University today in Washington, D.C., specifically to address immigration reform, expectations were high that he would directly address the issue of the existing controversial Arizona legislation as well as propose an alternate plan. ...more
@lttlelindsey They're  "real" criminals out there!!! What are you planning to charge them with?? ...more

(VIDEO) First Black Female MP Diane Abbott Bids for Britain's Labour Party Leadership -- Why She's One to Watch

UPDATE June 9: After the withdrawal of John Mc Donnell, Diane Abbott secured the 33 nominations needed to secure a spot on the ballot in the leadership elections this fall. News reports and blog reactions here: ...more

Lawmakers Move to Deny Citizenship to US-Born Children of Undocumented Immigrants

If a small but vocal group of state and congressional lawmakers have their way, being born in the United States will no longer guarantee American citizenship. These legislators want to require that parents prove that they are in the US legally before their American-born children will be issued birth certificates.  ...more

Nordette, thanks for the additional historical context.

Melissa, I suspect that you are ...more

When Pro-Immigration Righteousness Silences Dialogue


Mindfulness During Difficult Times