Pain and Decisions

Mary HillRambam said, "The risk of a wrong decision is preferable to the terror of indecision." Would you rather be in a state of indecision or accepting the consequences of a wrong decision?Decisions, decisions.  I am sometimes scared to make them.  I guess this is human.  We all come up against a decision and don't know which way to go.  Decisions are even harder for me.  I suffer from arthritis and depression caused by pain; so, decisions look like this big wall....more


Reduce – to bring down to a smaller extent, size, amount, number, etc. -

Grateful Monday Post: What Impact do you have your your Community?

What Impact Do You Have On Your Community?* Ah, this is one of those super uncomfortable questions for me to answer. Why? I don’t know why. Theories abound. It’s not polite to pump oneself up … it’s immodest … women are self-effacing … I have low self-esteem issues … WHATEVER! Really, it doesn’t matter so much, except for me to realize that OF COURSE I have some impact on my community, so now can I look to see where that impact is positive and simply OWN that?...more


Sometimes as a blogger, I feel as if I'm speaking in to a void.  I look at a previous post and don't see any comments or tags.  Yesterday, I received an important lesson in stats and numbers.Yesterday's post was about who you are.  In the post, I used one word to describe myself.  A little while after the blog posted, I received a private message from a reader.  It touched my heart, but would not have been comfortable or appropriate for her to post as a comment....more

Raising Consciousness Series 2

Overwhelmed vs. Passion How many times have I tried to avoid an issue, only to end up feeling overwhelmed and at the effect of…. Yet the moment I faced into the issue I felt empowered and alive.There are numerous environmental issues that globally and domestically can make any of us feel overwhelmed, however when you focus on what you are really passionate about, it’s amazing how easy it is to face the issue and consciously take action....more

Raising Consciousness. Series 1.

I attended an all day event today, called The Earth at Risk. My head is still spinning with a plethora of thoughts, and insights about social justice and environmental challenges across the globe, that continue to jeopardize all forms of life on earth....more

When women are given resources they create light.

Meet Prosperity CandleProsperity Candle is a social enterprise that unleashes the potential of women to catalyze economic growth, peace and prosperity in distressed regions....more

Find You Butterfly Effect: Manna Project International

Introducing Manna Project International:...more

Find Your Butterfly Effect: E+Co

Introducing E+Co...more