Reinvent the Brake Light

Maybe it's a guy thing, but the first thing I thought about when I read today's NaBloPoMo* writing prompt was "cars." Of course I know that cars have been invented already.  But they were invented so long ago when technology was in its infancy that they need to be re-invented. ...more

Wednesday Update

The girls and I are hanging around trying to get our day started. We had a good night and morning, with the advent of the cool front,or Zush off her meds, or a combination of both. Now if I could only get the weather to cooperate, well, the grey in my hair would cut down considerably. It is a good week to be on vacation. We are enjoying the quiet of the neighborhood, and will probably return back to Undisclosed Deux later today.It’s kind of funny though, because,you really don’t mind the city when the weather cools and the kids are back in school. ...more

Kick it Up a Notch When Balancing Home and Work

It is fantastic to kick it up a notch when you are balancing your obligations at home and work. Increasingly in my travels, I come across women like me, women who have chosen to work at home rather than a traditional office and have a family at home. When we meet each other at a school event or at a networking or business meeting, the talk always comes around to the struggle to balance home and work obligations. At the same time, when I speak with women who work at traditional office places talk about the difficulties they face in balancing home and work obligations....more

Self Improvement vs. Self Acceptance

Mike Robbins...more

Spring Into Action - Make One Improvement at Work

It is fantastic for an entrepreneur to spring into action by making one improvement in her business. It is scary to look at a long list of improvements needed and not know where to begin or if the list will ever get completed. There is reason to smile however. The list can be completed, it can be managed. Step by step, piece by piece, the list can get done, and completing tasks is contagious....more

Magnificent Monday - Magnficent Improvement -Athletics

Magnificent Monday - it is magnificent to be fit enough to be able to show off some athletic moves....more

Magnificent Monday - Magnificent Improvement -Appearance

Magnificent Monday - it is magnificent to improve your appearance up a notch....more

It’s all one big ride so make it a bloody good one.

I read a story today about Catriona Le May Doan. She spoke of never quitting or risk living with regrets as a big motivator for her success. We’ve all heard that dozens of times and yet today it resonated. And then I came across this quote which felt like a left hook to the jaw. I bruise easily....more
That is a really tough question - I think we all push at some extent and some harder than ...more

5 Ways To Improve Your Productivity Right Now: Part 1

When you believe that something is impossible to do, you don’t even try, or you do it half-heartedly. So when it doesn’t work, given your low level of effort, you do what? You say, “See, I told you I couldn’t do it.” “It’s impossible! I knew it was!” This is the famous self-fulfilling prophecy. If you think you can get better and be more productive, then you can, and you will.Here are the first three of five opportunities for you to make immediate positive change:...more