What is Your Last Supper? Answer and You May Win a Cookbook!

 I don't know Ina Garten personally, though I did go to see her earlier this week.  She was appearing at the Kimmel Center in Philadelphia, and I felt like I couldn't pass up a chance to see her.   The place was packed, and I was curious about what it was I was going to see Ina do.  Was she going to cook, or give a talk?  As it turned out the evening was a conversation/interview with journalist Patricia Talorica and Ina Garten, followed by a Q&A session with the audience....more

When Fabulous People Are Coming to Dinner: Ina's Beef Short Ribs

 Fall Off the Bone Tender Goodness...more

Italian Wedding Soup

Roasted Carrots


Parmesan Roasted Broccoli

This weekend I made roasted broccoli for the first time.  The hubs doesn't like broccoli at all; in fact, he thinks it's one of the most stinkiest, smelling vegetables!  And I absolutely love broccoli!!...more
I might do this tonight! I have broccoli in the fridge and wanted to use it before it goes bad :)more

Celebrating Zach's Birthday with Gluten Free French Apple Tart

Exactly a dozen years ago today, on a soupy-fluffernutter-foggy dawn we were driving south on Interstate 5 to the city of Angels to meet our first grandchild who was busy laboring his way into this world.  Each passing year has brought new surprises as he grows up.  There were the music years (still going strong) when he wanted to play bass fiddle like his dad and got a ½ sized cello so he could reach the top of the neck.  He was three.  Then there were the magical Lego years followed by a leap into food prep and cooking. ...more

Hi Grace! Great to see you, too. I like it here. I will check out your blog and bookmark. I ...more

Easy Sticky Buns


The Alternative to Fruitcake: Little Drunken Fruit Cookies, Gluten Free

And you thought we were fin...more

Cookie Couture to the Rescue

It was nearing the end of the baking marathon.  I’d been anticipating making my all time favorite cookie, Snowflake Bakery-like butter cookies pressed into shapes and dipped in chocolate with holiday sprinkles.  Along with Half Moons, these were another favorite cookie when I was a little girl and Snowflake Bakery was my Mecca....more

I met Ina Garten today!

As you can tell, today was a very exciting day for me.  I met one of my all time favorite chefs - Ina Garten!  What is it that I love so much about Ina?  Well, it is the simplicity in her cooking, her amazing southern-style cakes, her awesome baking tips, how she casually adds a couple sticks of butter to her cooking - hilarious,  how she urges her audience on using "good vanilla extract" and "good olive oil", her desire to ALWAYS entertain friends while Jeffrey is out of town, and her adorable relatio ...more
Sorry, late to the Blog about your meeting with the Contessa!  Your experience was mine to a ...more