Why Hulu Isn't Safe For Kids and Doesn't Care

On July 14th  I wrote this letter:Dear Hulu,...more

Would You Tell Another Parent About Their Child's Questionable Photo?

Picture this: You are looking at a photograph on an iPhone screen. It is a picture with dark lighting, three young teens (around 14) in a bed, squished together, the one in the middle has a blanket up to their neck smiling at the camera.What image did that description conjure for you? Did you notice I left out the gender of the bunk mates? What did you automatically imagine? Think about how your reaction might be different based on the configuration -- boy in middle with two girls or girl in middle between two boys, or all of one gender. ...more
@TortugaRachel I agree....there it works as a great deterrent when they know you can see what ...more