They Won't Be Able to Resist You Online

A social network is launching a fragrance composed of synthetic human pheromones, which are said to increase feelings of arousal. They're calling it Erox, the "Made for Social Media attraction fragrance." We wish we were kidding. ...more

I had the same reaction. The pitch was so bad it was irresistible fodder for a blog post.

I ...more

Cancer of the Breast Implant?

Ten years ago, I made a decision to follow up my mastectomies with silicone breast implants.  I was making my decision “back in the day” when insurance companies would pay for several opinions and more than one consultation.  I remember meeting with my plastic surgeon THREE times regarding my implant choice.  I went with silicone - bad choice.  They had to be removed in less than a year when I began to develop many strange symptoms (one of which was hair loss).  After two years of wearing...more

Farm Subsidies, Frankenfoods and Food, Inc.: What You Don't Often Hear in the Media About Farming

"If you don't take care of your equipment, you will fail," he said. He actually used the word "fail" a lot, which is why I am still amazed anyone would take a chance on farming, let alone both sides of my family, and for so many generations. ...more
 @jaelithe Don't you find it absurd for a non-farmer to speak on behalf of all farmers? That's ...more

Your Panties Are Not Safe: The Scoop on Underwear DNA Tests

My mother's grandmother once gave her a piece of unsolicited advice: if you want to cheat on your husband, don't worry, just dispose of your underwear. My grandmother had her own ideas –- which she dispensed to me herself, also unsolicited –- that one should make best friends with the staff because they're the ones who change your sheets and thus know all your "comings and goings." My mother and I thought of these ideas in the same way we think of antiques: cute, if totally outdated. Outdated, that is, until an e-mail stumbled into my inbox from a a scientist friend at USC, the subject of which read: "DNA tests underwear to prove infidelity." ...more

what a disgusting and disturbing thought. I wonder what else can our panties be tested for ...more

From One Mom To Another: Non Traditional Tips For Finding Your Next Opportunity

  I was asked recently by a local Dallas Moms Web site, started by a former coworker and Mompreneur, to share some tips on the challenge of finding a new opportunity or returning to work after a hiatus. Really got me thinking. Here’s what I had to say to the members of Moms Out Loud: ...more

Finest Expressions - Designer Gifts & Gift Baskets

Finest Expressions - Designer Gifts & Gift Baskets is a Toronto based company that opened its doors in 2007. Its' a dream that two sisters share to create baby & wedding gifts that are not only useful today but also remembered for many years to come. Each gift is designed with our full attention and utmost creativity. We started our company blog so we could share our stories of being mom-entrepreneurs and provide more information on our different product lines. We also do post how to plan fabulous baby showers and throw unforgettable wedding receptions. ...more

My Good Experience with Lowes.

9/19/07 - Edited to add: When Lowes comes this afternoon to take away my broken washing machine they are bringing me a new one! Yay!! Lets here it for good customer service! And the power of polite, yet steady, complaining. The washing machine and I are done . Let me start from the beginning. ...more