Somewhere Under the Rainbow

I send compassion and best thoughts to the people in Massachusetts and other affected areas now: ...more

You Say We're Not The Same

Open minds: (1:45 sec)   I ...more

Glee-ful About Special Needs on TV

I have new faith in pop culture as a vector of enlightenment now that the TV show Glee has given us Wheels, a thoroughly contemporary After School Special about people with disabilities....more

Yeah I have also noticed it in all the glee series that it creates a culture like a tv wheels. ...more

Love Heals

Valentine's Day is just around the corner . and it is by far my favorite holiday. February 14th is a day I have looked forward to for as long as I can remember. I loved it when I was 2 and I loved it at 42. I loved it when I was single and when I wasn't.Valentine's Day isn't only about gorgeous roses or hearts or candy or jewelry. To me it is about the essence of what it means to be human. ...more