It must be hard being a guy

I am super glad that I am a woman. Like most people, I have thought about what life must be like to be the opposite gender (people do think about that, right?) and I have determined that being a guy must be hard. I can't imagine walking around with their equipment all day or having difficulty focusing on something and shoes at the same time. That seems weird to me....more

The life you can afford

A few days ago, I posted a link to the amount of money women earn in their jobs compared with men. It was infuriating to see all of that divergence in one big chart....more

He's not really a rebel at heart

My son is in time out. ...more

Becareful when applying for "Work at Home" jobs

After months of abuse from my current employer, I decided I would look somewhere else for income. After searching and the endless amounts of applying at different jobs, I decided to look into "work at home" jobs and eventually I received an Interview through ACS/Xerox....more

Which Kind of Money Problem Do You Have?

Have you ever gone through a phase where you feel you’re doing everything right, making the necessary changes and sacrifices, but nothing seems to be changing or (better yet) improving?...more
gogirlfinance BlogHer Lack of savings! :/more

Have Fun While Earning Extra Income!

Would you like to find a fun way to pad your wallet a bit in these tough economic times? If so, then check out these fun opportunities to earn some extra dough:...more

Make Money Off Intellectual Property

Is it possible to make money off of your intellectual property? And, what constitutes intellectual property anyway? Here's the Everyday Minimalist's approach to explaining and enjoying the fruits of your own IP. ...more

Your Daily Reading: “Living Wide Awake™” Letting Go For Forward Movement 6-13-12

Financial decisions pose questions about values.Determine what and where you want your material stability to be, by making plans for your income and investments.Letting go for forward movement is an important feature today.This personal decision may seem to be a struggle, however with perseverance and action, a resolution is achieved.Opposing Energies: Anxiety, obsession, worry.Wide Awake Words™ for today: Objectivity, clarity, stability....more

The Haves and Have-Nots

Monday was my regular day off from work. Among the errands I had that day was dropping off a couple bags of books and videos at the Goodwill store in my neighborhood. That same afternoon, I headed down to my wireless carrier and finally got an upgrade for my iPhone. Moving up to the 3GS for free left me feeling pretty good about my choice. I didn't have a compelling reason to invest in the just-released 4S, which came with a hefty price tag and quite a bit more cultural cachet. ...more
@Sofia Michaels Thanks for your comment. I sit here and wring my hands even as I hope retailers ...more