Celebrate National Bladder Health Awareness Month With a Gift and Learn More About Incontinence

The National Association for Continence has designated November as National Bladder Health Awareness Month.   Creating awareness of this widespread health issue is a great way to get the dialogue going and to help pave the way for discussion with ones health care professional.   After all, bladder health greatly impacts ones wellbeing.   A study conducted by Always Discreet and published in the British Journal of Urology International online June 24,  2014 found that bladder leaks are taking a toll on women globally.  Not exactly the global common gro...more
I cannot even remember when I began using Always; I cannot remember a day I wasn't! And ...more

Traveling - Holiday or Not - Incontinence need not be a show stopper!

I love holidays where there’s nothing much to do except relax at home.  But every so often, I love leaving home behind, so I can experience wonderful places and my friends and family around the world.  In fact, anyone who knows me thinks that I’m never home, although that’s not exactly true.  What is true, is that I love the entire adventure, including the part most people dread - the actual travel portion. I really enjoy air flight, appreciate all the technology that keeps us in the air (I still think it’s magical) and the beauty of the skies....more
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Pelvic Floor Exercises for Pregnancy, Sex, and Peeing when you Sneeze

      Having a healthy pelvic floor, doing some pelvic floor exercises, and getting the pelvic floor ready for pregnancy and childbirth, as well as postpartum recovery is a remarkably overlooked aspect of women's health. Pelvic floor exercises, going beyond the old "just do kegels" stand-by, are essential to proper bladder function, increased sexual satisfaction, childbirth, and postpartum recovery....more

VLOG UPDATE: Women's Health Symposium Synopsis

This is a total VLOG post.  While I am glad to have that option (thanks BlogHer), I prefer writing, as I can edit more easily.  In fact, this VLOG is not well edited, as I don’t have the technology or the expertise.  So, please forgive the glares, the umms, the reading and my glasses. ...more
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Only When I Laugh

Suffice it to say, if you see a woman of a certain age laughing her pants off, it is probably in large measure safe for her to do so because of the reinforced panties she donned that morning. The bladders of older aged women do a lot of letting go and letting God without some sort of barrier intervention. ...more


"It was the first time that I've slept through the night in over 3 years." so said Nan* (not her real name), a woman who came to see me for help with leaking urine. If Nan went more than 2 hours without going to the bathroom, her bladder would suddenly release all of it's contents the minute she changed her position. That meant that if she was sitting down and stood up suddenly, she'd have an accident....more

Leaky Bladders! It's No Joke!

My friend, Katie called yesterday. The night before, she was at her monthly Bunco group, and after enjoying an appletini and was sitting in her chair, laughing at a friend's hilarious story about their kids. Suddenly Katie was laughing so hard that she literally pee'd her pants. "I couldn't control it," she blurted, "Luckily, I was wearing dark pants, and it was just a little bit, but that has happened since after I had my 2nd child....more

A Pleasant Side Effect of my Spinal Fusion

You know those leaky pipe commercials?  I had considered asking the doc about trying that drug because man, was I leaky.  The thing is, it's been this way for years.  I'd say at least five years.  Dr. B the family doc diagnosed it as stress incontinence and told me to do kegel exercises.  The symptoms just got worse once the oncologist threw me into menopause.  I kind of gave up hope on ever feeling feminine again, how could I when I had to always always wear a pad? ...more
That is wonderful that a side effect was actually a pleasant one for a change! I loved the ...more

The Wheels On The Bus

...I can’t sneeze, cough, or laugh without peeing my pants, twenty pounds have decided to take residence around my midsection and along my jawline, and today I forgot to wash my hair when I was in the shower.  Completely forgot, and then wondered why my hair felt…dirty…when I was styling it.  Alzheimer’s....ContinueLanita Moss A Mother's Hood ...more

Is Your Bladder Trying to Tell You Something?

Our Featured Guest Writer Today is:  Paula Spencer, Senior Editor at Caring.com8 Cues That You Might Have a Urinary System Problem...more