I Don't Want My Children To Be Independent

I keep seeing things pop up on social media about how to make sure your child is independent and, after a great deal of thought on the subject, I realize that I don't really want my children to be independent....more

Feminism Fridays: I am my own woman

Original image by Zack Roif ...more

The Secret Sadness of Being Independent

I was calmly holding it together in the psychologist’s office until he asked, “Are you lonely?” Involuntarily, tears started pouring down my face and I stammered that yes, yes, I was lonely. I made the appointment to talk about how I screwed up every relationship I’d been in, but this revelation was unexpected. I did not return to find out how to fix it....more

Seeking Independence

This past year has been a real growing year for my oldest son and his path to independence.  It started with allowing him to ride his bike to the library (the next street over) and grew to walking home from school one day a week with our neighbors.  It’s been a learning curve for the both of us.  I’ve had to have internal arguments with myself and remind myself not to hover like a helicopter....more


Today, I saw a friend whom I hadn’t seen in a few months. We talked about how it was for me financially since I was out of work for a while. She mentioned that she’d read my blog (which NEVER gets old to hear, by the way, thank you so much!) and found my posts about debt repayment insightful. You can read about them here. I felt tickled by her admission....more

Backing Out

This will be a rather personal post; I’m not very good with those. However, I felt the need to share a lesson I’ve learned over the past year. That lesson is this: when one makes a decision, however prematurely, one must never go back on it. You’re just stuck. Even in a world that offers endless possibilities and opens countless doors, we are expected to stay within the confines of what society wants us to do. Or at least, these are the ideas my surroundings have pushed on me for the last few months....more

When and As Needed

Home and Work Are Independent - Work at Work

It is fantastic to know that work and home are independent entities, so do your work at work. Work, also know as employment, is commonly defined as the state of having paid work, one's trade or profession. Work is a serious activity. Employers who are paying people to work, expect them to work. While it is typical for employees to spend a little work time goofing off or doing personal things, both these activities are frowned on my most employers. When the goofing off at work or spending time on personal things1 goes too far, a person can find herself unemployed....more

She Lives Alone

Some deep rumble, louder than a regular car engine, woke me before six this morning. I opened my eyes to see the reflection of flashing red lights from outside on my bedroom ceiling. Thinking it was a police car going up the street I got to my feet and put on my glasses to look outside. Surprised to find the engine rumble coming from the front of my unit, I went down to the living room to peer out at all the flashing lights. The EMT’s were removing a gurney from the back of an ambulance. Firemen without uniforms were following the EMT’s to a unit outside of my vision range....more

I'm fat and I know it

I still remember the first time someone called me fat as an insult as an adult. It was 11 years ago, at one of the fattest times in my life, I had just had my son and this was my first outing without him on my birthday. I was at a water park (oh the irony) and a thunder storm was over head. My ex-husband and I sought shelter in one of the arcades, along with about 500 other people. I was sitting down in one of those race car simulator games, that has the steering wheel and pedals waiting for my husband to get change when a man asked me to play or move....more